how to create pie chart ???

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how to create pie chart ???

Post by ondrejsevcik »

hello, does anybody know how to turn cylinder into a pie???
easy thinq in Maya but i cannot find it here
thx a lot

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Post by joeri »


this is a developers forum.
Please visit a creators forum to find out more about how to use blender.

There is a list of good forums here:

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Post by simtron »

You can create a pie by creating a circle object first with fill option along with required number of circumference vertices.Now remove the vertives.This will make your design look like a pie.Now extrude the model to give it a 3D look.

This sound too simple.Actually you may go ahed and wite a script which takes in angle of pie diagram and generates the model.This is actually very simple to do.I'll leave this part to yourself.

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