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My proposal

Post by aspagnito »

Tsup guys,
I'd like to thank You for doing the best with Blender 2.5 alpha 2. There's just one thing. I do not understand why this Blender is like "half-official" and people cannot download it thanx to straight "download section".
Call me a naive amateur, that I truely am, but this is the right direction. If I didn't understand Blender, I start to understand it right now and I am a lot more into trust into this program and this project. The Blender just starts to be INTUITIONAL and this is like a magic word for all the software. Intuitional means that almost everybody can understand the universal vision of the software projection... and what I mean by that is the software is always an interface. A software is always an interface between a hardware and a user (even a hardware is an interface between a user and the idea), and what we're dealing with is a graphical software, so the graphical interface should be friendly-universal-intuitional... and it is in Blender 2.5 alpha 2.
If I would suggest something for the future... there are lots of options shoing off, when you hit some keys. This is great - makes the job simpler, but why not showing these options on a belt right next to "File", "Edit" and so on. I do not think that Your intention is to be cruel for all the wanna-bees (please forgive me my English freestyle - I am Polish - what by the way explains a lot(:-).
A whole lot of software is like... over-styled and that is not good... but there's a whole lot of people who try their best and they do wonderful projects.. unfortunately alone. Blender crue did a lot, but I suggest Your next step would be opening to a whole bunch of people, the community, that expand You already realise, who not only would like to say thanx, but also give You something for Your work instead. I know this is cruel, that people only show their needs, but also when it comes to thanking, we would like this to be easier for us to pay You in the Fenician style. What I mean by that is just a special forum for all the suggestions... that You and the others would comment.
By the Fenician style I mean - I love to get things for free... but give me a break. I am to lazy to download stuff from the net and keep the idea upper and higher. What if there was something like a magazine (could be an internet magazine of a blender crue), a newspaper published monthly, like "GRANDPRO", or "PROCARDINAL", or just "SAVVY"... or some other name, where people would be able to see what's new and "how to do". I would gladly pay for that magazine, since I can be legal for free and I care about the progress of Your project. The thing is, it also would be great if the newspaper would be about making people suggest changes in the software... not only Blender, but also other ambitious open-source projects, that can "make You do Your art-stuff".
Thanx to that "forum" community You would not only realise what is the real need for making Your project the best, but You would have a possibility to create a whole culture of a true open-source rise!
One other thing. Maybe this is a too freaky idea.. but why not adding a script language-graphical-interface to Blender, so that when we do some stuff, in the (back window) other window a script is shown for that. Could be pov-ray... which would be just fine. A lot's of "explain-me-blender-what-is-going-on" intuitional interface additions for that would be fine.
Thanx for all that.
Sinsilly Yours
p.s. I know You have a community, but what about making a "fusion" of other open-source projects for suggestions. I tried to find that in the net, but I guess I am too silly, as google ignores such a request of mine.

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Post by joeri »

What makes you think that the people who do the work do not have great ideas themselfs?
Or is it that you want these developers to spent their own time on your ideas?

I think it would be better if you start to learn programming and make your great ideas yourself. I think you can guess why.

Paper magazines? You can check
Digital blender magazine... I'm pretty sure there is one. google for blendermagazine.
And your daily news is well presented at
You also might wanna check out

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Post by aspagnito »

Sorry, did not wanted to be misunderstood. I ment the Blender went the very great direction of civilising itself. Most of the thing I wrote about it already has... but the idea is that when You put a dummy tester to any software or computer-science activity, the tester shows "this and thats" as a something to consider. I hope the Blender crue wants people to suggest some things, even when most of them are impossible to achieve at the time.
I am one of the people that do care about the progree of Blender and other Open-Source projects and I feel no need in being better then the Blender crue... even when You suggest me right - I should put some real work into my ideas even when they will not be all about producing a clone of Blender. To much respect for Blender crue to do that from my side.
Let me be synthetical. I hope the Blender crue will later on work on the menu belt, so that we not only have to hit the special keys to make something. A navigator buttons would be fine to. That's all. I know that it had to take a lot of guts to realise the very best dream and the idea is just great... greater than in other projects, which I mean mostly by commercial projects. Blender has really a unique interface, that alloweds to do a lot more, than anywhere else, and that is a great achievement. You just make stuff more efficiently. But it should be just another step for Blender to get the menu bar (gee, forgive me my English) on the ups more intuitive. That's just it.
I am a computer scientist, specialising in sollutions for management, but I am mostly a conceptualist.. more like a tester, but concetrated on realising needs.. in this matter realising the needs of a community. When somebody needs something, I just say people what the need is and it always comes to an obvious solluton of how to cover the need.
Temporarly unemployed.
I just wanted to start a discussion of "how to" make Blender more into being interactive with the user... since You don't have to pay for words.
I hope for a constructive dialogue... and a consensus sollution... so feel free to give any critics to what I and maybe some other users suggest.
The whole is like starting a discussion about the need of people like me, who have suggestions, that are not only "smart-ass" suggestions, but also some practical easement in mking a project.
I also hope to hear Your comments in "Blender open-source projects", where I put something that I really know what I am talking about - a movie concept. Unfortunatelly my experience with open source is very premature and I did my best in pronouncieng the idea, not kwoing, whether I make a big mistake just by pronouncing it.
Hope for the best
p.s. Don't picture me wrong, but isn't this about "General discussion about the development of the open source Blender"
p.s. 2: ...and I set myself to Blender 2.5 beta.
p.s.: There might be some consideration, that if Blender would start to be ituitional, would there still be a great community? Yea... even greater, becaue of the ammount of users growing, who would ask for help to realise more and more ambitious projects.

Besides... picture a John Doe. John Doe is used to buy things and he doesn't realise of lots of the things that might help him become a hero from a zero. He goes to a shop and he makes a great discovery. There is a magazine, that enables him achieve almost everything he wants. He buys a newspaper for a few bucks and keeps it a promise of a better life fr him, his close relatives and the World, Universe and its Nieghborhood in the universal meaning. He thinks - one day I am going to rule the world. That's why he keeps the magazine with the CD for ages. Even I have the CD from that kind of open-source magazine-project called "be legal for free". That made me put some interest into open-source projects. That's just how it woks. At least I picture this like that.

That's what I just started - general discussion about Blender's development. One thing You can count on - human ambition.

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