blender gets famous...

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blender gets famous...

Post by verence »

I was in a bookstore yesterday, and i found a linux magazin (which is well known in germany) that did feature the blender2.28a! They had it on their mag-CD and wrote some advertising words about it on the cover. yea, on the cover! And the guy next to me bought this magazine because he thaught (after reading the cover) that a free 3dapp would be a nice thingy for his sparetime. cool, ey?

ps. i'm sorry, i do not know the exact title of that mag, cause there are so many look-a-likes out there (we got about 10 linux mags in our stores).


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Post by wavk »

Hey what a coincidence. There's a magazine out now also in the Netherlands with a very cool car made in blender on the front page. No cd however. The magazine is called Linux :) The article is about the open sourcing of blender. They're going to continue with tutorials on blender each issue.

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Post by Goofster »

neat, will pick that up :)


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