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Blender in Virtual PC

Post by vicmmi »

Hello Everyone!

Its been a while since I post anything here. I was reading about the new PowerBook from Apple & was wondering have anyone tried running Win version of Blender under Virtual PC (Win emulator) in Mac OS. Yes, there is the Mac version of Blender but just wondering.


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Post by Money_YaY! »

no never bothered. I guess that it would be quite slow though. As VPC does not use graphic cards anymore.

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Post by knoxer »

I agree with Money_YaY! I don't think it would be of much use, the Mac OS X version of Blender works great.

Maybe if you were still using OS 9, and you wanted to use Blender you could run it in VPC, but it would be quite slow I imagine. Of course the new PowerBooks don't even allow you to boot into OS 9, so that wouldn't be an option anyway.

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Post by cekuhnen »

two words

very S L O W

hey its in emulation mode and it is emulating a 3d engine!!!

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