A rather neglected part of Blender....

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A rather neglected part of Blender....

Post by Riskbreaker »

Is anyone thinking about the Sequencer thats in Blender?

I mean its pretty good, but it could be better. Since the open source came out, theres been pretty good support for the other areas, but I just though about the sequencer about a while ago. It could do with a little touch up (for starters, Audio track support, including audio effects and EQ).

Any thoughts on this?
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Post by Eric »

One of the planned features for blender before NaN bankrupty was actually sound in the sequencer. I think it's one hell of a feature to have.

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Post by LethalSideParting »

I think that this feature has been largely forgotten in the rush to improve Blender's sources, actually :oops:

Audio would be really cool, definitely. Somewhere down the line, chromakeying could be pretty nice to have as well...mmmm, just imagine that - a full opensource 3D suite complete with comositing tools....*DROOL*


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Post by OTO »

Please do it!!!!
Many thanks in advance

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Post by Jamesk »

I'm deeply in love with the sequencer as-is... audio support would kick all available ass - we'd have to fly in more from some place where they've got lots of it...

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Post by sgefant »

I just added (very) basic support for sound in the sequence editor to the sources available at http://nyarlathotep.dragonlight.fi/cgi- ... i/blender/

Right now you can't do anything useful with it except for displaying nice purple sequence strips :)

See http://members.aon.at/sgefant/snd_seq4.jpg for a screenshot


PS: A long time ago I wrote a simple chromakey sequence plugin which totally sucked. I guess it's still available somewhere at SirDude's page: http://www-users.cs.umn.edu/~mein/blender/

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Post by Jamesk »

sgefant wrote:Right now you can't do anything useful with it except for displaying nice purple sequence strips :)
Hey, that's a start! Reminds me of that ancient zen riddle: "if a purple sequence strip sits in the middle of the blender, when no-one is there to see it - does it make a sound?"

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Post by mthoenes »

I see the ability to incorporate sound into the editor and also the animation interface as extremely important.

I have found Blenders Sequence Editor to be very fast and prefer to do most quick edit work in Blender. I have Adobe Premiere 5.1 also and it is not nearly as fast as Blender when it comes to previewing but it does of course have good sound support.

We also need to be able to scrub sound along our animations to help synchronize things. This is especially useful in character animation and lip syncing. Something along the lines of what is available in Magpie, where you can select a range of sound and loop it would be great.

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Post by protoplazm »

we should add a new universal Sound datablock (if it isn't already there, like for gameengine sounds) which can be linked to sequences in the sequence editor. blender already uses the OpenAL library (on windows, anyway...i don't know about linux), so it might be comparatively easy to add audio fades, clipping and a full 7 band EQ or something. that would kick MAJOR ass and would definitely bring blender further into the ranks of professionalism...

maybe a bit further along the line, i think if we added chroma keying features into the sequence editor we'd have an all-in-one pro-level 3D package. take that maya!!:shock:

any thoughts on how to implement these things??? i'd help in any way i can... :P

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Post by kino »

include support/control for digital camera will be really cool too
added: http://www.intel.com/research/mrl/research/opencv/

my nick & me have no relation with the KINO project just a user

kino3d.com italian site

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Post by stean »

my problem is the 2g avi-file limitation (i think) .
the sequence-editor fail's by trying to render a >2g-avi-file.

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Post by Riskbreaker »

The 2-gig file limit is normal, thats partly a reason why people (or mostly me) want divx natively (so the sequencer can recognise the format).

About the chromakey, theres already 2 plugins that do this. But it could become better.

Thats pretty sweet, someones already made a start on a sound input

And agreeably a digital camera support would indeed kick major ass.

I too once used Premiere.....it was a pretty messy work.

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Post by Cyberdigitus »

yeah, native divX would be great !

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