Blender 2.62 in Ubuntu - quiting randomly

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Blender 2.62 in Ubuntu - quiting randomly

Post by FabioFrosaa »

Hi everyone,

In a previous topic I asked about updating blender in Ubuntu. Thats all clear and you can see the solution there.

And now I'm working a lot with blender in ubuntu, that feels awsome.

The problem is: now when I'm working, blender sometimes decides to quit, without asking anything. It happens when I try to select something with right-mouse-button, not always, randomly.

Maybe that's too specific, but its a trouble. Maybe a glitch in the latest builds?
Is posting here the same as reporting a bug for the programmers? Or should I go somewhere else?

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Post by Tehrasha »

Bugs should be reported to the bug tracker.
But 'crashes randomly' isnt a bug.
They want as specifically as possible "when I do xxx, crap hits the fan".

Try running blender from an ubuntu terminal.
It might spit out some errors to the console to hint at what is going wrong.
My guess is that it is OpenGL related, and can be fixed by changing the draw method in File --> User Preferences --> System Tab --> Draw Method (middle column).
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Post by FabioFrosaa »

Changing the draw method did'nt work.

I ran blender from terminal and when it crashed the message "segmentation fault" appeared.
But I did not report it as a bug because I can't explain exactly why it happens.

It's always when I try to select something, a whole mesh or just a vertex. In object mode or in edit mode. But sometimes it happens when I first try to select anything, sometimes it happens after half an hour of use.

But well, no solution for me, I guess. I'll just wait to see if in another version it works up.

Maybe it is a specific problem with my video card and blender.

Thanks, thought!

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Post by stiv »

The fact that the segfault occurs when selecting suggests a video driver problem. Running Blender in the debugger would give a better hint.

Usual fixes for graphics problems are:

turn off compiz, kde4 effects, window manager eye-candy and transparency features.

Update video driver from manufacturer's website

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