Blender early 2.3 snapshot

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Blender early 2.3 snapshot

Post by ton »


I've been coding for the past 2-3 weeks... sorry to be not here more often! Using the mailinglists many people are updated though.

Most work was a thorough reorganization of code, especially to take apart, and reconstruct all buttons in Blender. Plus a new UI layer had to be devised, to make configurable and expandable button layouts possible. Added to that the pulldown menus and styling as in in Tuhopuu as well.

Most work was quite technical until now, and far from finished. Styling and design didn't finish yet. Button layouts need to be improved still. With the danger of confusing everyone I thought it would be still nice to provide a snapshot for everyone here.

As a reminder; it's mainly work as described in the UI doc:

Todays builds:

Linux: ... 386.tar.gz

OSX: ... oct-16.dmg

Edit by broken:
Updated Window build (oct 20) here: ...

Updated Windows build (oct 18) here: ...

This is not an official release, it's incomplete work, no guarantees for fitness, no bug reports needed... no docs availble either!

Only one hint: use rightmouse in buttonswindow for 'align'.

Have fun,


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Post by chimera »

I compiled it myself today, before reading this. It is still incomplete, yes, but the concept itsself is very good (my opinion). I had a fantastic idea 30 mins ago... but I really dont remember :). no joke I'll let ya know if I remember it...

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Post by mathijs »

Thank you Ton!

Nice to actually see the evolution, eventhough its not finished

Things are looking better and better

Thumbs up and I better let you people continue coding

anyway THNX!!

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Post by lger »

Really beautifull!

I was afraid with this changes in "my" old and good interface, but I should say that it´s becoming really beautifull and functional.



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Post by steve_t »

Absolutely Stunning!

I REALLY like the versitility and custimizability if the new interface. This was WAY above my expectations!

Thanks allot
- Steve

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Post by wavk »

How do you expect us to get some work done while it's so much fun dragging around panels in the vertical interface?! This is a bad development ;)

I reallllly like the transparent panels in the 3d window, very useful and much more interactive!

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Post by Mats78 »

Yes the floating panels in the 3d window are great. Especially the numeric input window (N key) which can be placed anywhere and kept there! A time- and a brainsaver. I also like the idea of being able to organize the buttons the way you like.

thanks alot,

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Post by Eric »

Wow! This is awesome!

I weely weely like that "tab"-feature of those nice floating panels!

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Post by leinad13 »

:S i found a bug. In the object attributes box the font is very small untill you change its value. Shall i submit it to the bug tracker?

Edit -
Sorry i forgot to say that when some text is highlighted some of the letters are randomly white
Over to you boffins


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Post by IoN_PuLse »

A bit buggy but OH SO AMAZING! I really like it, it looks VERY good.

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Re: Blender early 2.3 snapshot

Post by ada89 »

ton wrote:This is not an official release, it's incomplete work, no guarantees for fitness, no bug reports needed... no docs availble either!
Remember that :wink:

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Post by matt_e »

leinad13: can you provide a screenshot of that white text?

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Post by HexFex »

I really like it, it looks VERY good. n1

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Post by Carnivore »

Superb work. Way more space IMO, I got used to organising stuff pretty fast. I love it! Bless Blender and you never-tired coders/developers.

It does have many bugs, but they will be worked out, right? ;) Now for the minor rants:

I know that you don't want any bug reports, but there's something kinky going on with the "show keyframes" thing - when grabbing, you can't grab the object, instead you will grab the selected keyframe. Or smth. Not sure. It might just be me too. And on WinXP blender performes an illegal operation every time it quits.

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Post by UglyMike »

Segmentation fault in Mdk 9.1... :evil:
Ah well, looks ok on my Win2K at work but I couldn't really test it there...
I just hope we don't jump the gun too much and try to get it out of the door for the Conference. I'd prefer a buggy beta release to a buggy official Blender 2.3. Maybe wait some weeks/months for the coders to finish and for documentation writers, tutorial developers etc to catch up....

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