Need advice on running Blender on a notebook PC

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Need advice on running Blender on a notebook PC

Post by ruedebeuk »


I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this question, but I'm desperately seeking advice, so I'm gonna post it anyway.

I'm planning to buy a notebook PC for my work, but I also want to run 3D games on it and of course run Blender. The one that, in my opinion, has the best specs for the price that I can afford is the Promedion D500P. This is the name under which it is sold in the Netherlands. In other countries it is sold as the Hypersonic Aviator, Eurocom Monte Carlo and Clevo D500P (and possibly even more other names).
It has a P4 2.6 GHz with 800 MHz FSB. 512 Mb of DDR RAM (upgradeable to 1Gb) and has the ATI mobility radeon 9600 (M10) with 128 Mb of DDR RAM. OS is Windows XP home.

Is there anyone who Knows this notebook and can tell me if it's a good product and can I run Blender on it?

Thanks in advance for your advice.


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Post by stiv »

Generally speaking, laptops tend to have rather lame graphics adapters. Blender does *all* its drawing using OpenGL. Poor OpenGL support == poor Blender support. Rendering speed depends on cpu speed, while modeling speed comes from hardware accelerated graphics.

Try before you buy.

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Post by Desoto »

Thanks for cross posting the exam same text here and at Elysiun....

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Post by IoN_PuLse »

The video on that laptop is quite good. For DirectX (which sucks). My advice to running blender well on it is, run linux. I've been able to get my really old laptop with a 8 meg ATI mobility display adapter running Blender well, but not in XP, in linux.

ATI's OpenGL support is terrible, so I would go with what the linux magicians have done for ATI support under linux.

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Post by slikdigit »

I think it'll run blender very well (for a laptop)
I've got a radeon mobility 7500 and it runs reasonalbly well. I don't believe there are opensource dri drivers for the 9600 on linux; If you go that route I believe there are binary drivers from ati that will work.
PS- I have a clevo 5600; great bang for the buck.
I'd get a gig of ram (in fact I did) downgrading the processor a tad is ok, 'cuz these suckers get verrrry hot when rendering or compiling.

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Thanks for the advice

Post by ruedebeuk »

I'm quite confident now that I'm making the right choice buying this machine. I've done some more homework on the subject of ATI and OpenGL and found that with the new drivers everything should work fine. And maybe I'll even give Linux a try!

Sorry Desoto for posting the same message on both this forum and on Elysiun. I'm kind off new at this forum stuff and I think that not everybody visits both forums.



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Post by Mats78 »

I've ran Blender on a Dell Inspiron with the mobility radeon card (can't remember the number... but 9xxx anyway). It didn't work at first but updating to the latest drivers fixed this - did run nicely on both windows XP pro and linux Mandrake 9.1.

Only problem was that ATI didn't supply the drivers for Mobility Radeon - Dell did. So it all really was up to them. Luckily I could find a newer version though.

However, now I would stick to Nvidia since I've never seen any problems with their cards.


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