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Blender vs Modo

Post by BlenderRob »

Hi folks,

I need help comparing Blender to Modo.

Both tools look like they are total packages, which I like. Both have beautiful interfaces. And both can get the job done, I'm sure.

But I haven't used either and in the end, there can only be one for me.

Can you guys tell me why I might choose Blender over Modo?

That may be a sacrilegious question in a Blender forum, but I'll be candid. Modo seems to be the best all-around package on the Mac right now at it's price point. Blender seems to be a close second. I can get Modo on an educational license for $150 or so, and Blender is, of course, free, so price isn't really a factor.

SDS Modeling for Organic and Hard Surface Modeling
Sculpting for Organic Modeling, on par with ZBrush
Texturing Painting and Shading for Models.
Model Posing
Best in class Rendering
Best integration with Photoshop, render layers.
Ease of navigation on a Mac Laptop (don't have a NumPad)

I won't need animation as I will only produce stills, but I want those stills to be photographic quality.

Any other help or comments are welcomed. I'm all ears...;-)

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Post by ldo »

As soon as you mention Photoshop, it’s clear you’re already asking the wrong question.

Don’t compare Free software versus proprietary software on a package-by-package basis. With proprietary software, you have to buy each package one by one, and each one costs you more money. Whereas with Free software, it costs just as little to use 10 packaegs as 1.

For example, instead of focusing on Photoshop, look at Gimp, Inkscape and MyPaint, plus additional tools like ImageMagick and FFmpeg. Together they form a powerhouse of functionality, particularly when you add a sprinkling of Python scripting on top.

And being Free software packages, they support open interchange formats. So it’s easy, for example, to create complex image textures in Gimp, and use them in Blender. Or create title layouts in Inkscape, and overlay them on video sequences in Blender. Or export animations as individual frames from Blender, perform batch enhancements on them with ImageMagick or by scripting Gimp, and then make high-quality final movies at any number of different resolutions and in any number of different formats with FFmpeg.

Scripting is an important part of this, because it lets you automate the entire workflow. In an production environment where time is money, you don’t want to fluff around waiting for clunky Photoshop “automation” sequences to chug through.

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Post by stiv »

That may be a sacrilegious question in a Blender forum, but I'll be candid. Modo seems to be the best all-around package on the Mac right now at it's price point
So buy Modo and be done with it. There is nothing wrong with proprietary software if it does what you want and you can get your data in and out of it. (the last part is often problematic!)

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