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FEATURE REQUEST? Anamorphic lenses ( anyone else? )

Posted: Mon May 07, 2012 9:17 pm
by tbarbe

Im not sure if theres an official 'feature' request location - but I wanted to get this to the people at Blender...

I have a feature request for anamorphic lens settings! I believe that cycles is capable of simulating real world lens characteristics and I've been shooting footage with an anamorphic lens - which has very different characteristics from normal lenses... also as many of you probably know - some of the most beautiful feature films ( like Blade Runner, Alien, etc ) were shot in anamorphic format... the lenses are a definite part of the look in my opinion...and I think theres a bit of resurgence in interest in shooting with anamorphic format recently ( Zeiss announces new anamorphic lenses coming soon )... and if you ever seen footage from a RED Epic with Lomo anamorphic on front - you will most likely agree that its a very beautiful look!

It would be awesome if Blender with Cycles could support the types of blur and aberration characteristics of an anamorphic lens... this way integrating 3d elements into a vfx shot would be easier!

I found online paper on the design of anamorphic lenses: ... ch_r&cad=1

and I was hoping to get a request into Blender team... perhaps its something they can consider?

and if anyone else is interested in it please make mention so I don't sound like a lone voice in the darkness?