if I could do this in Blender, I'd marry it!

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if I could do this in Blender, I'd marry it!

Post by adyus »

check out

if I saw this implemented in Blender, I'd have a shock! (future shock that is :D )
basically, it'a "mouse" with six axes of movement, plus five buttons(you know, the fingers!)
I suggest checking the demo section, the second movie. You actually see a scene where a guy uses the glove to work in a 3D creation proggie(don't ask me what that was).

wouldn't it be cool to move vertices by grabbing them between two fingers and moving your hand in 3D?

God, if I'd see that in Blender, ...geez...

by the way, there IS a SDK on that page, which means that it CAN be implemented in Blender...somehow...

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Post by gorgan_almighty »

sounds cool but how much is the glove?!?!?!?!!!

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Post by Goofster »

the glove is 149 US dollars. I saw you can also download a Software Developement Kit. maybe support COULD be added for blender. would be kinda neat :D

I always wanted this kinda thing, I even saw a page once where a guy made it himself. not that hard actually.

It could be very handy for presentations (did somebody say gameblender? :) )


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direct 3D input for 3D art is very useful

Post by Thunderbolt16 »

I read about a similer interface designed specifically for 3D graphics applications, it was similer to a pen or pencil on a arm, the user would move the pen in 3D space and use it to edit in programs that supported it. It'd be real cool if blender could support it, just imagine the possibilities, to the point that editing in blender would be more like talking in sign language than anything else :lol: , very cool! It's much easier to edit in six degrees directly then mapping in to 2D stuff, e.g. mice and keyboards.

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adding now..

Post by nikolatesla20 »

Adding the code now.....

{mad coding spree}

LOL Just kidding. Sorry. But it could probably be done.

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Post by jeotero »

I think this more for gaming, have never seen any serious 3d done with this.

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Post by unperson »

Actually while I was still a student about 10 years ago, there was a small group of developers (also students) working on a 3D design system with just this type interface in mind. I do not know what became of the project itself.

The basic idea was that you would start with a blob of material in your 3d space and shape it with your hands - using gloves of this nature. I believe there was an extension to that idea using VR goggles so that you could really experience it like molding clay.

I think the idea is a good one - but certainly beyond the current scope of Blender. Blender should probably acheive a level like that of Maya before moving into new technologies. Unless of course blender ends up with a serious glut of resources and there's alot of talented people wanting to work with nothing to do.

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Post by IngieBee »

jeotero wrote:I think this more for gaming, have never seen any serious 3d done with this.
Well of course, gaming! Only thing is, ya gotta have the goggles too, it's manditory :lol: Realy, though, can't get the full effect without the goggles, and they really are expensive, so I'm still waiting for my hubby to get rich so I can spend some real dough!!!!

No, but that's really cool, thanks for bringing it to our attention, didn't know anyone had such things so cheap already!

Love Ingie

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Post by WeWa »

I was at TUDelft a couple of days ago, they a ForceFeedBack 3d... now that was cool... you got to push around this block in 3D but then it would bounce back off a wall and when it hit your it would be pushed back *uphoria* ahhhh now that was cool. Really made it worth getting up at 7 in the morning. :lol: Can't imagine what mesh modeling would be like with that thing... *feels the breasts of his mesh model* ahhh


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Post by dreamerv3 »

Ok while you're off feeling virtual "breast meshes" just who exactly is going to write linux drivers for this golve?

And besides the WOW factor, do you have any definitive evidence that this glove byitself without specially adapted tools and indeed a specially adapted interface could actually upstage the mouse with its universe of 3D tools and adaptations?

I mean I love the idea of haptics too, but I'm not too sure I want to go back to ceramic sculpture.

I'm not against the glove inherently just skeptical of the glove itself instantly transforming 3D DCC without a specially written interface for it, maybe its something for a blender fork someday...

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Post by Cyberdigitus »

it might be nice for the gaming module. i wanted to write aninterface with a hand as cursor in MM director, but maybe i can do it in blender, dunno how powerful it is yet.

could an interface to such deviuces be written in phyton?

i was wondering, does blender or the gamemodule support stereorendering? not interlaced images, but two slightly different vieuws. hmm maybe you can run two synchronised blenderapps?

i think it would be a nice thread in itself... using blender for vr apps. I'l set one up if there isn't one yet.

if you like the glove and such vr goodies, kep an eye on the new hmd from Interactive Imaging Systems (of VFX 'Fame'), the X-viewer, to be released soon:


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Post by Cyberdigitus »

hmm i think such a thread should be in the root ... admins are you listening?

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Post by dreamerv3 »

Yeah admins, make this thread sticky, so we can spend a year implementing support for a totally new unproven and unsupported paradigm.

If the rest of the industry was going along with it I'de say lets do it!

But these devices haven't yet reached thier time to take over, not yet...

Where will the company behind this glove even be, in say 5 years? Do you know?

Is there enough market demand to support these devices so precious developer's time will be justifiably spent developing blender support?

So many unknown variables...

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Post by Cyberdigitus »

yes, but by the time those devices will take off, Blender will be huge as well. Where will Blender be in 5 years? Who could tell ?

and wasn't the year 2002 supposed to be the year of the microdisplay ?

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Post by belac »

look at it this way... the glove is ment for gaming but... can you imagine the versitility you would have in modeling with the ability to manuver around your scenes with a 3D mouse? can you imagine the improved modelling capabilities you would could experience?

screw the games! as a 3D artist i just wanna blend with that thing! if someone writes the code i'll pay 150 just to try it!



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