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Blender as a video editor...

Post by theraz »

Is there any interest in developing the Sequence Editor further?
I love this little-used part of Blender. It was really quite versitile, and much faster than any other video editing tool now available for Linux (or WIndoze/Mac, for that matter!). If the Sequence Editor could have sound capablities, and perhaps a few more fades/dissolves/filters/effects, I could capture with dvgrab, and use Blender for editing, sound dubbing, and effects, resorting only to an audio editor for a few little things! Right now, the editor is a bit primitive, but in the right hands, I bet common editing features like split clip, crop clip, join clips, cut, copy, paste, etc. would be easy to add. And if we have Chroma Keying, I would be in heaven, seriously!
Dreams, perhaps, but maybe there is some interest.
Any thoughts?
The Raz (Faithful user since 1.72!)
PS- Great to be back, Great to have Blender back!

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Post by nay »

I'd like to see that too, there was a thread a couple of days ago on the same issue - seems quite a few people were interested, unfortuneately I can't code so I'll just cross figures rather than coding with them! :oops:

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Post by SirDude »

Checkout the wipeout plugin and the chromakey plugins.

They should be able to do everything you mentioned except for the
audio. At least one person has already started on the audio so
I'm sure that will come along as well.

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Post by Saluk »

Wow, chroma keying. That would be the coolest thing ever! I'd also like to see virtual set capabilities:) Dreams...

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Post by mthoenes »

Saluk said
I'd also like to see virtual set capabilities:) Dreams...
Do you mean Virtual Set, like Adobe Premiere's Virtual Clips... I thought the M-Key "Make meta" was that sort of thing. I do make Meta and then dduplicate the meta strip. Maybe you mean something else?

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Post by Saluk »

What I mean by virtual set, is where you have the actors in front of a blue screen, but you place control points around the set (green balls or something). THen you create your models etc for the background, but you put the same control points around the scene. It tracks the video and rotates the 3d camera to match the points on the real set.

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Post by FishB8 »

@theraz - have you perchance tried out Cinelerra? It's an excellent video editor for Linux. It supports DV capture, editing functions, audio tracks and chroma keying / compositing. Yeah, blender may add some of these post-production features in the future, but if you need them now, I would strongly recommend taking a look at it.

Cinelerra Link

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Post by theraz »

Yes, I have tried Cinelerra. It doesn't work for me. I spent a month trying to compile the source code, no use. I also downloaded the RPMs and used alien to convert them to .deb's, which at least allowed me to start up the program and get a look. It looked very nice, and seemed quite functional, but I have had non-stop problems with errors (no loading of DV, no loading of anything!). Quicktime for Linux is included in the package, there shouldn't be any of these problems! The user community is very unhelpful, too, and I have never received a reply from the developer on my emails requesting help. Perhaps alien is to blame for the errors, but I have never had issues with alien. This screams "sloppy package making" to me. Thanks for the suggestion, though.

Also, if you are interested, look at:
Jahshaka (slowy coming toward a release)
Linux Video Studio

The Raz

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Post by lokmer »

What would be involved in adding proper sound support to the video editor? It might very well be worth setting up a sub-project for this. Ton, are you listening? :)

I'd be very interested in being involved in this. Anyone else?

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Post by WeWa » ... uence.html <--- the plugins, just incase you were to lazzy to search for them :x


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realnetworks go open source & support ogg

Post by gnomis »

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