More tracing, now with refraction!

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Post by kino »

thorwil wrote:
ton wrote:I've uploaded linux build again, it was apparantly compiled with optimizing for athlon...
Thanks, but I have an Athlon (not XP). Still the same problem. What else could it be besides processor optimization?

Maybe I will try to compile form CVS on the weekend.
i have compiled a new version with no optimization
you can try it, but, no other one have reported problem
with this or the elysiun version ...

let me know

kino italian site

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Post by thorwil »

Thank you very much, kino!

It works. On my Gentoo everything is compiled with -march=athlon and -O2. There were no problems with previous preview builds (various, including tuhopuu).

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Post by Landis »


First I would like to thank you and the others who may be contributing to all of this. Second, I have been wondering if you were planning on implimenting alpha maps that are capable of casting shadows? Does YAFRAY already support such a feature. Do many renderers out there support this feature at all or is this a pretty sophisticated feature? Now, I am completely happy with the latest build, but I just had to please....please....dont take this as if I am complaining or requesting....simply inquiring :wink: . Take care and thanks again for all the hard work. Great product!


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Post by @ndy »

hey... first of all: thanks ton!!!
now the only things we need now to make "high-end" images is a better AA, alpha shadows and caustics ;)

but as you can see below it doesnt prevent you from making crappy images and at the same time wasting a lot of cpu time... how bad :lol: ... y_test.jpg

thanks again! thank you very very much!

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Post by ton »

> Implimenting alpha maps that are capable of casting shadows?

Don't know what you mean by this... but yes, now I work on shadow
rays that also take transparency into account. That will work for all kinds
of alpha textures as well.

After that i'll check on some caustic hacking... :)

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Post by iluvblender »

ton wrote: After that i'll check on some caustic hacking... :)
:shock: :shock:

Yay. Bring it on Ton.

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Post by UglyMike »

ton wrote:> ... now I work on shadow rays that also take transparency into account. That will work for all kinds
of alpha textures as well.

After that i'll check on some caustic hacking... :)
OK, we'll check out the result tomorrow morning then.... :D :D :D

( Hey, at the speed we're going, maybe this ain't a joke!!)

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Post by Money_YaY! »

can it make thinkgs really sparkely yet ? Like a sun burst ? I can fake it but it would be neat if it could just blast color naturaly

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Post by ada89 »

Test render:

Both image took ages to render btw (with the slow 1.7 Ghz P4) :P :30 min +

Lighting = 27 spot(shadow buff) + 1 spot raytraced shadow

Older build: Reflection

The latest one: Reflection + refraction
(i dont know how that 2 black thingy stuff got there :P :wink: )

Thanks Ton!!! :D

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Post by leinad13 »

Great new features thanks coders, (Not Just Ton). :lol:

Even though i know this was Tons work all the coders are doing a great job. One last thing, i would like to complement that even with refraction, reflection and raytraced shadows, the renderer is still extremly fast.

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Post by Eric »

Excuse my ignorance but shouldn't the Index Of Refraction be a value >= 1 ?

Like glass has the IOR of 1.5, water 1.33 etc.

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Post by A2597 »


Cannot WAIT for the final release guys...this absolutly ROCKS!
The man with his head stuck in the Blender.

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Post by radix »

Whoa, this is just awesome, thanks! I have always found Blender renewing and surprising, but this recent pace of improving is causing some breathing troubles in me. :)

I think I'm in love... will you marry me, Ton? ;)

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Post by rafael »

Thank you very much coders! It's a very amazing feature!

Let me ask you something: how do you plan to "integrate" Yafray and Blender? Are you going to make a source code fusion so that Yafray will be a part of Blender in the same executable file? Will you develop a plugin? I'm just curious!

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...and volumetric shadows

Post by klopes »

Ton, it's for you: I INVITE!

Volumetric shadows in halos are lost in raytrace lamps now.


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