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forcefield wrote:From what I know of the game development world, they often compile their realtime renderers as Max or Maya plug-ins and can "see" models as they'd appear in the game itself....
That is an extremely rare thing to see. The best I've seen is an external tool that you can preview a model with that uses the game's renderer code, or the same thing but the tool is a map editor. I've never seen a plugin just for rendering though.

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Yikes, I should let my part of this thread die. But I can't resist.

I am not talking about Blender's game engine (I actually for got it had one till slikdigit mentioned it).

~~~~Dream Sequence ~~~~
You work at Naughty Dog and are working on Jak and Daxter 3. The Art department head and the 3d lead artist want to show a special stock holder what the game will look like on the PS2. But the actual game code is not fit for testing on a PS2 yet. You take the internal game engine code and compile it to a Blender Render DLL and create a XML document that maps the materials and textures and other settings from the Naughty Dog engine to Blender's modeler settings. And because you are using Blender for the latest models and level design you can just hit F12 and show the stockholder EXACTLY what the new game will look like.

eh? Cool huh?
In my dream Naughty Dog switches to Linux on all PCs to protest the unfair market manipulation by Microsoft to make the XBox #1. Sony switches too, but to a lesser extent because of driver issues with the VAIO.

EDIT: Game Developer had a big article on how to do it with Maya (I think) a while back. I think this modularity would only help Blender grow.

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Strange raytracing problem:


Both parts of the cube have the same material applied to them. Any ideas on what's going on here?

Without particles, there's no difference, although particles are not reflected?!

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Have you tried rendering with the unified renderer? IIRC, particles are rendered internally in another pass than everything else.

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I don't believe the raytracer works with the unified renderer

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Tested, just to be sure: unified renderer has no impact on that effect!

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