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Is this a good video card for Blender?

Posted: Mon Nov 19, 2012 11:32 pm
by Astralogic
Hi, I'd like to get some advice about a video card for Blender. From what I hear CPU rendering is not the way to do things, using the GPU is far faster (I'm new to Blender). I have heard that memory size is much more important than the speed/power of the card.

I'm familiar with the gaming cards such as nVidia Geforce series (I want to stick with nVidia). But being gaming cards I expect good processing power but no more than 1gb (roughly) of memory for quite a large price. I do plan on getting an up to date gaming card, but for games. What I'd like to get as well is a good video card for Blender that has at least 3gb of ram but hopefully is not too expensive.

I currently have a GTX 460SE, I will be upgrading that to a 560TI (at least) and I'm also thinking of getting this one specifically for Blender: ... d4gd3.html

Seems good. What are your opinions on it? Would you recommend another card for Blender over that one?

Thanks for the help

Posted: Thu Nov 22, 2012 1:42 pm
by Astralogic
What do you guys think, I don't know whether to get a GeForce GT 630 4GB, or a GT 640 with 2GB. The GT640 is a bit faster, and it has over three times as many cuda cores.

Which of these two cards would you recommend? (The 4gb 640 is not available in Britain and would cost about £150 ($250ish) to import from ebay).

Also which do you think would render faster: GPU rendering with a GeForce 630 GT or CPU rendering with a 3770K?