Volumetric Raytrace Issue

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Volumetric Raytrace Issue

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Hi there

I apologise if I put this topic in the wrong thread (I'm new to both blender and forums!) but I have an issue that I have been trying to fix for 2 days now and was hoping anyone could help, because so far I think that what I'm doing simply can't be done.

I have made a candle flame with the smoke simulator and fitted it with a volumetric material so on and so forth for a lantern. Everything seemed to go well enough until I put the flame behind the planes of glass, after which a silhouette of the domain for the flame seems to mess with the raytracing. To better explain is because I'm probably not making sense, I included an image below.

Thanks for any help!

http://i200.photobucket.com/albums/aa31 ... roblem.png

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