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MakeHuman 1.6

Posted: Mon Jan 05, 2004 8:30 pm
by Manuel
* New morphing engine. Need only 1% of ram requested by the old engine. No need preload of targets. Improvement speed of morphing.
* Console code more stable and clear.
* New command 'makesimmetric' simmetrize the right half mesh based on the left half mesh.
* New command 'refresh': if you add a new target in the targetslib dir, use it without restart the script.
* A lot of new targets in the targets library
* Comments in targets file
* Commanf 'info name_of_targets' now retrieve the comment and display it in the console.

Thanks to the new site design, the targets are available in a catalogue, with author, date and, in some cases, screenshots.

Posted: Mon Jan 05, 2004 10:50 pm
by dmoc
Fantastic! Thanks to everyone who is working on it :D

Posted: Tue Jan 06, 2004 11:16 am
by macouno
thanks... looking good.

wish the interface were a bit more friendly though.