Creating a realistic(relatively) animal game

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Creating a realistic(relatively) animal game

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Hello Blender Community,

I am sort of new to Blender. Almost 3 years ago, I started using blender to create mediocre, realistic looking animals. As I found out very quickly, it was extremely difficult and frustrating due to the lack time devoted and very steep learning curve. I knew I had to have patience in order to fulfill what I want. However, I am a junior in High school, and taking three college level classes which are physics, chemistry, and literature. Hopefully this summer I am able to devote my time in creating the game I want, in which I explain below:

A realistic leopard game. Sort of like wolf quest, but WAY more intricate and dynamic(check the game out). I have detailed documents of what I want the leopard game to include and consist of.

I really need help. I would be extremely thankful for anyone who provides me with animal modeling, environment, and game creating tutorials. Anything would be helpful. Any tips?

Thank you very much.

(PS. if anyone is interested in this idea, I may be able to email you the documents)

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