Subsurface Light Transport?

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Subsurface Light Transport?

Post by t_revs »


I just came across this web site
which is all about Subsurface Light Transport.

Is this something that could be Blendered by the programmer wizards?


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Post by z3r0_d »

also known as subsurface scattering there are more than a few threads about simulating this on elysiun

(I bet it is possible, but would likely be slow)

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Post by cessen »

Firstly, I think this thread should be in the rendering forum... so if any admins would care to move it, that would be nice.
z3r0_d wrote:(I bet it is possible, but would likely be slow)
It would not necessarily be all that slow, depending on the algorithm used. For instance:

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Post by kniffo »

I rembember that we already talked about that and there were people trying to do it....

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