Expanding team for high-quality FPS game! (age 13-17)

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Expanding team for high-quality FPS game! (age 13-17)

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I have been working on a modern time based game by myself for a while now, a few months. I have been developing the game in Unity3d although some of the models I created were created in Blender and Google Sketchup. Moving forward, until recently I thought that if I got a team together then we will quickly create a high-quality FPS game.

What do I do? I mainly script. I have been scripting for the last 6 years of my life (I am 15 years old). Within that 6 years I have learned more programming languages than you could imagine for your average 15 year old. Some of the more important programming languages when creating a game are C#, PHP, GLSL, and html (not a programming language although misconceptually counted as a programming language). I also many other languages although they most likely will not be important to developing a game.
The most important of the coding languages is C#. C# what I program in with Unity3d. I use C# because of the optimization compared to JavaScript or BooScript (both other scripting languages one could use in Unity3d). I have studied the Unity3d API and I know Unity3d C# and Unity3d API both in and out. I am very skilled in coding.

Aside from scripting I also did animations, rigging, V/A FX, particle effects, modeling, UI design, map design, all that stuff. Basically I was able to do everything you need to do to create a game. Although this game, if created only by me, would be low quality since I do not know how to model very well or texture properly.

To my point, I am not so skilled in areas such as modeling or texturing when developing a game. That is where other people can join a team and develop a game together. Their is a chance to earn money, although in a gambling sense which I will discuss later in this topic.

THE GAME: The game we are going to develop is a AA(A?) modern time-based first-person shooter. The game will have to main game modes. Multiplayer and singleplayer. Within each game mode their will be several other games modes like zombie survival, TDM, CTF, etc. The maps within the game will range from small size like CoD to big size maps with boats and vehicles. The environment within each map will be destructible, unlike all other fps indie games. This is a very brief overview of the game.

In order to earn profits from a game the game's assets must be owned or completely developed by the team members of the game. Because I used other sounds, models, scripts (not many since I am already skilled in that), and other things I must recreate the game although this time with assets owned by the game. This is the part where you could earn money, and where it s also considered a game.

One of the goals, aside from creating a good product, is earning money. My goal is to sell the game for free although have in-game purchases which will be the way we get our money. (Note that I have studied advertising and marketing for a few months). This is where the gamble comes in. You will spend your time creating assets for the game and hoping that the game will completely finish and have a lot of users playing the game, if that is the case you will earn money. If the game doesn't finish, which I would consider very unlikely, then you may have wasted your time. You might view it as you wasted your time or you might view it as you learned something from the assets you created. Ultimately it is a gamble.

I said that it would be rare for the project to not finish. This is because of a few reasons. First of cognitive dissonance, which really resolves around every emotional feeling people have whether big or small. If I have developed a team by myself and I quit the team I will feel that I have failed the team and myself, this is how most people would feel too. Also, I love video games and I love computers. I love anything relating to computers, I am absolutely adored at how and why computers work the way they do. The way computers work is programming. I also love games. Combine coding and games together and you get. . . And FPS game.

I also said that we would like people between the ages of 13 to 17. This is because people between these ages have a good amount of time on their hands and are not too picky about having an hourly salary. I have no income, since I am 15, so I can't provide people with money instantaneously.

1. 3D Modelers; probably the most needed now. We need modelers who can model medium to high-poly guns, organic models such as characters or any other modeler out their. Texturing would be advantageous too.
2. Graphic Designers; another most needed position. We need graphic designers who can texture, UI layout, page layout, visual arts. Basically if you can texture by UV mapping then that is good enough. Also textures must be yours, unless their is some sort of CC license where you can use somebody else's texture.
3. Audio Engineer; Somebody who can create audio effects which can be used for the game.
4. Any other position you think might help dramatically; This could be animators, skilled programmers (you don't need a lot of one position in indie games)

Ultimately - it is a gamble. A gamble I would take because the odds of earning money, hopefully a lot, are high if the game is high quality. Although for it to be high quality there needs to be a team instead of one person. And if the project doesn't suceeed then you still had experience in the devleopment.

PS:: The game will have updates on YouTube every week or two in order to attract attention before the actual release. This way we might get donations and attention before the release of the product which could help the development of the game

If you are interested add me on Skype: Lifeandeverythinginit

Sorry for such a long letter and I thanks for reading it all. Hope to see you on the team.

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