Another setup question

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Another setup question

Post by kramazeek »

Hi there, I'm looking into getting a decent laptop(or maybe an iMac) for Blender and have searched out a few different companies and models.

iMac 27" w/3.5ghx quad core i7 and an NVidia GTX GeForce 780m w/4gb GDRR5 - $2700 price range.

A comparable MSI Workstation laptop w/ a similar CPU and the same video card - $2500 price range.

An Alienware something with a slightly lower i7 processor and dual NVidia GTX GeForce 780m w/4gb - ehhh..maybe $2800ish?

I'm sort of against all of these as I am hoping to use whatever I get for something in between a dedicated enthusiast and production(wishful thinking, I know) for animation and game development with the Unity 3d game engine.

Are either of the first two decent for rendering without having the dual video cards recommended for production. I've also heard numerous horror stories concerning Alienware, but they have a decent CPU speed and dual NVidia 780m cards.

In the mean time I've been working on modeling and animation but haven't been able to work on rendering as my laptop will crash immediately. So I have no idea what to expect in regards to actually rendering actual animation.

Would any of these be decent? What can I expect for rendering times with either the first or second option for maybe a 30 second medium+ complex animation with detailed textures and lighting? Is it possible to render such an animation with any of these machines without waiting a week for the animation to render and not melting the computer?

Forgive the uneducated questions and being all over the map with post. Thanks for any help you might be able to offer.

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