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What would it take to get X done? A drive for funds?

Posted: Tue Oct 15, 2013 12:57 pm
by Spacedaniel
What would it take to get, for instance, the Cycle render engine completed? For instance, how many weeks of coding, how many testers and how much money (to keep programmers on it)?
What am I getting at?
Well I see the potential for bringing in some support (a.k.a. money) by having a few annual drives like "Going for cycle volumetrics" or "Let's get this or that function done by christmas!". Focus it around a week with some well known supporters doing a podcast or something and just put up a paypal donate button with a kickstarter-type meter. Then on the same site follow up on progress the coming months. That would be a nice direct way to contribute for those of us who are "scriptably challenged". Also, it would be a more direct way to be involved compared to a subscribing suppporter.
Developers would present a few areas they feel need to be prioritized and perhaps there's a vote (even more interacticvity... yay!) on which to pick for the next drive.
Considering the CGCookie Contours retopology initiative I think it would work.

Posted: Wed Oct 16, 2013 1:02 am
by CoDEmanX
new features are constantly being added, and some of the devs get paid via the blender instituate or the blender development fund. I suppose they take projects they can manage and which are possibly of high interest. I don't think it would work to run kickstarter-like campaigns for certain features in a certain amount of time, as that could be things they can't manage. Once people donated for a certain project, they would expect success, which can't be guaranteed. And money is not the only thing which is holding back development, it's rather the lack of developers with a deep understanding of the blender code base. And certain features might require a complete design of blender internals, and that's likely to be impossible for a single dev. So better connect with the devs and propose features, and listen if it's feasible without major changes to blender. Then subscribe for monthly donations to the development fund and wait, I worry there's no way around it. A dev told me, they considered to let people donate for certain features, but they don't want to take the risk of not getting it done in time and frustrate people who paid for it.