Blender 2.31a and the gingerbread man

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try this:
shiftD, S, X, -1

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Re: Blender 2.31a and the gingerbread man

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khkachn wrote:Hi,

There were two things I could not get to work and I thought
I would check to see if some actions have changed in
version 2.31a or if there is a known bug.

There is a step where you duplicate and then flip Gus's body
(AKEY SHIFT-D SKEY XKEY endter). I could not get this to work.
The verticies are duplicated but they do not flip.

Also there is a step where you get a camera to track Gus. No
mater what I have tried I can not get the camera to point at Gus. ALT-R on Gus makes him lie flat but the camera still will not
point at him.

Ken K
My camera won't track either, but I never got to the flip part. When I did the part associated with Figure 9, where half the square is supposed to disappear ... that never happened.
(Environment: Blender 2.31a, XF86 4.3.0, FreeBSD 5.1)

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cough... hum...
sorry this is the developers forum

you may want to go to the users forum here

seems you ve been tracking gus to the camera. the sequence of selecting matters!


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