Noobi Frustrations with Blender

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Noobi Frustrations with Blender

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I have been using Blender since August 2013, and would consider myself one of the greenest noobs you might find.

I love Blender! Being retired, I have gobs of time to invest in interests I never had time for, yet very little money to invest in tools that cost thousands of dollars.

Last August, I became heavily interested in a game coming out called star Citizen. It will allow us to create mods which is getting me excited! Blender, being open sourced will allow an amateur like myself to dabble in modding without burning large amounts of money. As a noobie, I totally anticipate a learning curve, and realize that the more powerful the tool, the heavier the learning curve. But there are two things that have frustrated me in my knowledge development.
1.) The (false?) perception that the devs of Blender were hard or impossible to contact and/or dialogue with, and
2.) The repeated inconsistencies in the UI of Blender.

Last month, I ran across Blender Guru's website, and his comments on improving Blender's UI. Though I don't know if I agree with 100% of his suggestions (mind you, I'm a new user), I do agree with the fact that the UI needs some serious luv.

Just now, I've finished watching the video on Improving Blender’s UI – Live from the 2013 Blender Conference, and towards the end, I heard the lead developer (?) comment how he didn't think it was hard to reach the devs, and encouraged the users to reach out to the developers.

This is what I am doing.... or attempting to do!

If this thread is in the wrong location, or if anyone knows of a better place to reach the Blender devs, please let me know. Using the Blender web site, this was the most logical location for me to go to.

With regards to myself learning Blender, I find myself going to Google and Youtube a lot. There are tons of material out there that really helps me learn the software, and I don't have anyone I know, who is proficient with the software.

I cannot speak for the majority of Andrew Price's (Blender Guru) suggestions, but one thing he is dead on is the inconsistencies in the user interface. To me, it feels like the software is a patchwork of tools, with some modules needing you to left-click, and others needing a right-click. This can be frustrating for a new user like myself.

Though I am not a Microsoft fan-boy, I have to admit that I really like Microsoft Office. It's because much of the user interfaces between Word, Excel, and the rest of the programs are the same. Since I know how to use Word, learning how to use PowerPoint is much easier. This is Microsoft Office's strong point.

Another frustration I personally have with the software is that when I hover over something, I expect to see a tool-tip. Instead I see code! I'm not a programmer, and I don't know what this code is. Can we get this code replaced with some tool-tips?

Like I said, I love Blender! If it were not for you folk, I would not be able to play around with the interests I have with gaming.

Commants? Thoughts?

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