Blender for 3D printing: Object of the Month

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Blender for 3D printing: Object of the Month

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Hi all,
I am a collaborator of Kentstrapper, an italian startup that produces and sells 3d printers. I am writing here to inform you all of our "contest", called "Object of the month"
As you can reed, the main goal of this "contest" is not to proclaim a "winner" every month, but basically to give some visibility not only to our 3d printers, but also to modelers: "Every month we will decide a “theme”, and we will print the object that struck us the most for its originality, beauty, curiosity or other reasons, giving due recognition to author of the 3D model: in a post we will show the photo of the printed object and the interactive 3D model (thanks to Sketchfab). Moreover, all additional informations that the author of the file will send to us".
So, for the next month (november 2013) the theme is that one:
As you know, there is also a very useful 3d-printing toolkit in Blender, that allows you to know if a mesh is 3d printable.
So, we'll be very glad if some of you will participate.
Thanks for your attention.

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