Bodypaint,Paint Fx´s for Blender

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Bodypaint,Paint Fx´s for Blender

Post by poutsa »

I think Blender needs a Bodypaint Tool like in Cinema 4D and Mayas Paint Fx´s Brushes,Strokes......!
Something like the Programms Project Dogwaffle or Gimp to Paint on the Objects ,Textures, Particles Paint.....!!! I see this great Images in Cinemas 4D Bodypaint Site produced with Body-Paint.....and i Think a 3D Programm like Blender must have this Feature not only Vertex Paint..!!???
Bodypaint is only available for Cinema 4D,Maya,3dsmax6,Lightwave......?!!!!Why not for Blender?is the reason because Blender is free.?or is the not Compatible? not possible...?

Can someone Answer me?
Sorry for my english i try my best-!!

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Post by Money_YaY! »

I do to, but nobody will do it . I have asked far to many times. Nobody is willing to do it. That is all of the hope I can give.


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Post by Caronte »

May be a BodyPaint is to big to be included in Blender, but perharps is easy to modify the TexturePaint to use custom brushes instead of airbrush.
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Post by nay »

i think that would be a beautifully simple solution and i'd love to see it implemented :)

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Post by blendix »

I've looked at the code, investigated it texture painting a bit, and I think there is no 'easy fix' that will improve everything in a snap. First there is the slowness. This would need the painted image to be tiled in memory so we only update the strictly necessary parts, link in the gimp. This definitely would make the code more complicated. Even then, it might not be fast enough. Have you downloaded the Bodypaint demo? When painting, it will do a software render (instead of opengl) to show the painted 3d object in realtime. Coding this in Blender would take a lot of work and is quite complicated.

Also, Blender currently does 3d painting, not projection painting which is far more complicated. Making everything paint across seams is also an essential missing feature.

Adding more brushes is not that difficult internally, as all you do is composite the original bitmap with the brush bitmap. But coding a fronted for this, allowing you to import you own brushes, save them, preview them in the buttons window, ..., would take quite some time.

I would really like to see this improved, but it would be a huge task (there's a reason bodypaint costs $499). I think small improvements could be made, but as long as the basic framework is limited and the basic tools are not even working properly, I'm not sure if anyone will see them as a priority.

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Post by JoOngle »

Well, there's a reason Maya costs $1800 dollars, and 3Dstudio max $3000
dollars and so on...

But it didn't stop you guys from making Blender a true star in modelling
and improving the render to almost commercial quality (even better
in some areas).

So implementing a "3d-paint" feature that can paint bump/textures
plus an "use-mesh-as-uv-coordinates" feature would be awesome.
I'd sure appreciate such a feature and I belive it could render
the "big" packages screaming for air.

Blender has already SUPERIOR viewport functionality, it's way
faster with a high-polycount than eg. 3dstudio max (I own a license
for 3dstudio max - but use Blender every day because Blender
is simply joke!)

Keep up the AMAZING work.

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Post by blendix »

You're right, of course. I just wanted to point out that these features are not as easy to implement as they may seem. Personnaly I'm a big fan of this kind of thing, so it is really something I would like to see implemented.

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Post by JoOngle »

@Blendix - Yeah, but luckily thanks to the organization Blender is free
and open to everyone wich means that more and more developers
will pitch in. You guys have been doing work that far surpasses
the work of Discreet & other big companies with buckets full of money
hiring coders and firing the other without actually knowing what
each other is/are doing. This has resulted in flawed software
eg. 3dstudio max wich I payed over 3000 for. While it was a great
package - the service where lousy, bugfixes where rare - and when
they came out - we had to pay additional 1000 dollars for an upgrade
basically just to get rid of the bugs - we had no say in it at all.

OpenSource has proven its worth, take Linux...SuSe 9.0 an desktop
version of linux...ran flawlessly around the hour and Blender
never crashes on it (at least not while I've been using it)

With Blender I can model 10-12 hours in a row...and never
see a single crash!

My point is simple (perhaps too optimistic?) because you guys made
it opensource - a lot of coders are pitching in...and you have
ALREADY developed more in 2-4 months than Discreet
have done with 3dstudio max in 2 years!!!!


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Post by jeotero »

There is a plugin that may be easier to implement ... using the gimp existing paint tools and blender ...

Cebas GhostPainter ... =5&FID=378

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Post by H@dj »

Hi all,

or this code maybe worth looking at:

and you can find a paper (pdf)that the octex guys did
for Siggraph here:(project homeage)

hope this gives someone an idea:)

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Post by Ghost »

Eskil is sort of working on this:

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Post by bjornmose »

read title of the paper
Painting and Rendering Textures on Unparameterized Models
this is a completely different ( very interesting i admit ) approach to texturing. It does something like new / old raytracer does. (using octrees)
it would make UV unwrapping obsolete since it draws in 3d space, but i have no idea how to link imported 2d textures to that.

anyway, we have parameterized models and texturepaint is already available in blender. it paints in 3d view as well as in image-editor.
as blendix said: because of its inefficient redrawing strategy it is quite slow, but works fine on a P4 2.3 + ATI Radeon 7500.
so may be we should focus on that?

if you ask politely may some coder considers adding some brush types there.


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Post by jeotero »

yeah thats more or less like GhostPainter....

Just a question , now that some of the issues of python inside blender have been changed/fixed, could that be implemented more easily right now
(i read in that page , that the version there is unusable, its just a big hack :P)

sorry for the english :P

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Post by blendix »

The python improvements that were done in Blender don't deal with the issues that this blender-verse-gimp connection had. There are some missing features in the python api (that are not trivial to solve):

- there is no way you can have your python script executed regularly, e.g. every 200 milliseconds, to check for updates with the verse server
- you can't edit (or create) images from a python script

In the couple of days before the conference I quickly hacked together some things. So I got it sort of working, but it made Blender unstable (if you didn't exactly do the right steps, Blender would crash). Making this actually work as it is supposed to be, would take quite some time. I might actually try to do this more cleanly, now that I have actually worked with the Blender source code for some weeks and I understand it better.

I once read that paper (or another on the same topic) with the octree texture painting. It surely is an interesting concept, but the problem to me seems to be that, as far as I understand, you can only paint in 3d, not 2d. You can't use existing 2d paint applications and textures. So you would need to write an extensive featureset youserlf, which is something almost all artists need to get good results. It would probably be better to use a method that's compatible with existing tools, and AFAIK, this one isn't.

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Post by blendix »

Extra reply, got 'failed sending mail' message, this post doesn't seem marked as having a new reply. Hopefully this reply will work :).

This thread seems to be broken, here's a link to the next page: ... 5&start=15
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