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Compiled on Slack 8 but segfaults on start up

Posted: Sun Oct 27, 2002 4:23 pm
by mpeters
I just downloaded the source and got it built on Slackware (with a little gentle coaxing) but I get a segfault on start up. gdb shows

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x814bf4f in draw_object ()

to be the culprit.

I'm using gcc-2.95.3, kernel 2.4.19, libc-2.2.5

Any pointers would be appreciated. (Is this the right forum for this type of query? Sorry if it isn't)


Posted: Mon Oct 28, 2002 9:42 pm
by mpeters
just done a make debug with no further modifications and the debug version seems to be working fine.


Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2002 12:03 am
by nlin
Compile drawobject.c with optimization level -O2 instead of -O3 and it will work.

Posted: Tue Oct 29, 2002 12:36 am
by mpeters
Yup, that's cracked it. Thanks.