What happened too....

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What happened too....

Post by engalicorn »

I remember the transparent yellow face that you would get when you selected a face edit mode...
it looked soo good

what happend to it?

is there a setting to turn on and its off by default because it takes too much resources?


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Post by IoN_PuLse »

Try the round theme in the theme switcher, I recall trying that theme out and those features came back, but I may be wrong....

If I'm wrong I'd like to know too :D

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Post by theeth »

In edit mode, press the Draw Faces toggle button in the Editing window (F9).
In the last panel to the right.

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You are a smart man!

Post by enriq766 »

Very cool. I thought the feature was gone too. Thanks

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Post by sedgetone »

I'd like to see the faces change colour when you're in UV face select (mesh highlighted and you press f and select a face). It would make life a lot easier as it's sometimes quite hard to tell if you've deselected a face in a group of others. Or am I being thick and there's been a way to do that for years that I've not know about :?:


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Post by guitargeek »

I think someone is working on that. (faces being selected as they are chosen in the UV window)

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