Enquete: Blender professionals?

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Enquete: Blender professionals?

Post by hoxolotl »

Hello people!
I heard it would be interesting to know how many amongst you are using blender for professional purposes.
I would like to know this in order to assess the value of blender, and making an official research paper about it (meaning a paper that is recognised by official instances, and made according to reasearch norms).

Thank you for answering (please before wednesday 18-02), and sorry to take your time. I would have made this a poll, but it seems I have no right to do so, please just answer "Are you a professional blender user" by posting "yes", "no" or "not yet", and of course anything else you would like to answer.

If any of you know businesses that use blender, please feel free to mention them! (if possible give me an URL or an email adres so I can contact them later on).

I've had a few questions about this research on irc:

1 Why are you going to do this reserch?
For a lot of reasons:
-Personal reasons: I like and use blender, but I also have to do a
research paper for school/university in the field of my choosing
-Other reasons:
This will be a research made according to standards recognised in the Netherlands, the paper will be added as data to the Blender Foundation so they have more "hard evidence" to stand on.
It will also be about bettering blender, by asking enterprises how they use blender we will be able to find out if they have any problems using blender, and devise a proper response to those problems.
-Currently due to the freeware status of blender it is difficult to know how many people use blender for professional purposes. Once this research is done the network of professional users will be strenghtened.

2 I did some freelance work , does that count as professional use?
Yes, if you used blender and you got payed for it that counts as professional use.

3 how will you do the research?
In about two to four weeks, if I've found at least 20 professional users of blender I will send them an e-mail with a question form, or a link to an internet site with a question form (multiple choice and open questions). In the case of dutch enterprises I am even willing to come-by for a visit. Or phone them.
Once I get this raw data it will be compiled to get a view of the uses of blender by professionals. Once the paper is accepted by my school and ratified I will give it to the Blender Foundation.

Finally, I would like to ask for some work that can be showcased as evidence that blender is indeed used to good effect within the industry. So that people reading the research paper can contact the professionals for work.

Thank you!

P.S.: Yes I know this is almost the same question as on the Elysiun forum http://www.elysiun.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21070 but I really really need to know how many people could answer the research, otherwise it wouldn't be representative.

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Post by JoOngle »

It's a tad bit early for that question don't you think?
Only recently have Blender reached such a quality that professional
work can be done on it (no offence to anyone! Rather a congratulation!)

I am (in all modesty) a 3d-professional. I've made work that I got
paid for, and I've been teaching 3d for many years - yet I am still
a student and still learn.

I intend to use Blender for professional commercial purposes in the
future, but I am paying back to the Blender society by making
tutorials and manuals for Blender to the Danish (and perhaps
other countries later on if time allows for it).

Of course Blender COULD be used professionally with "scritps" and links
to other renderers BEFORE the release of 2.3xx but it wasn't very
realistic, now people like myself are DISCOVERING the new era
and are in fact starting to use it....and preparing to deliver professional
work. By preparing I mean the learning curve that it takes to
switch from eg. Maya / 3dstudio max / XSI etc...to Blender 3D,
because of the latest developement within blender this learning
curve has been shortened drastically ...basically because of the
incredible coders behind the blender developement - they listen
to our needs, do excellent work and deliver!

Integration and workflow is the key to Blender succes. No crashes
and a full toolkit + top quality speedy renderer = money.
For professional work - time is of absolute essence, and thus
workflow and time go hand in hand.

Here's my homepage showing off my work: www.hamsterking.com

Please also understand that some companies whom I've done
work for - have the full license over the work done for them,
thus I have no chance of presenting these to you because
of licensing issues, However - take a look at my homepage
for an "idéa" who I am.

Good luck with your school project.


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Post by Sutabi »

There are a few companies using blender as professional stuff, but really just use blender as its exporter. Some model in then exports others just use blender as a transformer for their scene to other projects.

I wish I could remeber which company use blender for modeling but I forgot it -_-. Anyways I wish i could be a professional as so many do heh.

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Post by wavk »

Count me in ! :D

www.funnyfarm.tv ( freelance )
www.karelsevandermeer.nl ( where I currently work )

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Post by LethalSideParting »

Yep, I'm a Blender professional (of sorts), been paid about £300 for various bits of freelance design work made using it. Blew it just as quickly as I earnt it though!! ;)


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Post by kflich »

i think i answer the defenition of blender profesional
freelace projects done so far with blender :
*homelans security poster http://www.dainfo.com/main/menu/index.p ... r&stId=227
*images for the live total track sytem demo from ioIMAGE http://www.ioimage.co.il/ ---though images are not on the site
*a few uses for banner graphics in several local israely websites
* DVD intro for a wedding photography company "for ever events" (yeah i know it's supposed to be forever ... go figure)

hopfully in 2 month have air a video clip on a local music channel made with blender.

and that's all i think.

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Post by ideasman »

I work on blender full time, that and the gimp I also sub contract to others.

It seems that people arnt aware that there are professionals out there using blender and Im sure some have been using it for a while too.

I think it would be good to have a series of blender artists interviews- Like on 3DS MAX's site.

It would encourage newbies who might think nobody seriously uses it.

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Post by Merlot »

I am a freelancer who uses Blender regularly, about 75% of my income is from Blender use. It does everything I need it to and a whole lot more!

I also think a study of this kind, and some profiles posted on the web somewhere of professionals at work with Blender, would be a good way to add "legitimacy" for other professional people looking for a 3D package.


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Post by hoxolotl »

Thanks for everybody's quick reactions :)
JoOngle: Yes I know it might be a little early to do this research (I was hoping for at least 60 businesses/professionals, now I've set the bar at 20). I know that due to legal reasons I won't be able to showcase some of the work done with Blender.
However there are already a few businesses using Blender, and I expect there will be more in the future.
I agree that blender is more suitable for professional uses since 2.3x but I also think there are some people out there who started using it before that.
You are not the first one to mention workflow and usability issues to me, and the thing about this research paper is that it will nail down the problems professionals have with blender more properly.

Sutabi: get those neurons working will you? ;)

Wavk: you were already on the list of people I was planning to contact. Or may I come for a personal interview?

ideasman: could you give us an url to the 3dmax site you are implying? (official one, or one of the the zillion others?)

Merlot: that is one of the things the research will be about also... I got fed up with other students at the university sneering at me for using blender, the proof is out here! and in my own experience it is a good tool.

I don't know if I will broaden the research to teachers and proffessors who teach blender, I'm looking into that by taking contact with them (a few of them left me their card at the blender conference saying they were going to make a network of blender teachers...wonder what happenend to that).

Thank you all for your reactions, if this goes on I think I will have enough proof by wednesday, to show my research will be worthwhile.

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Post by ideasman »

I was refering to -
yeah, the official site :)

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Post by teachtech »

I have been using Blender in the high school setting in our CADD lab for the past 2 years. Many of my graduates are taking their Blender skills to college with them and are coming back to me stating how impressed their professor are with what they see and spreading the word about Blender. I think a data base of known professionals using Blender (identities protected if they wish) is a great idea. This survey may get a better response if it were posted nice and big on the home page instead of here though. Just my 2 cents worth :D

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Post by hanspb »

I found this at blender3d.org, don't know how updated it is, though:


A list of professionals using Blender.

Hans Petter

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Post by hoxolotl »

In reverse chronological order:
hanspb: already found it a week ago, but it's only 5 enterprises, and I'm still hoping for something in the 20-60 interviewees :)

teachtech: the final survey will hopefully be posted on the main page...but for the moment I was only assessing if the research was worth it (I knew it was) but mainly if the group of people I got was representative enough to warrant the research (If I only had 5 people to do the survey on, it wouldn't be very representative).

Seeing the many reactions I think I'll get aproval wednesday to start drawing up the survey, making a list of people to interview and check if the questions asked are impartial and stuff (this takes about two weeks) then I'll post the survey and start collecting the data (interviews, mails, and online forms). About four to six weeks later the survey should be complete and ratified by a professor (to check if evrything is according to survey/research norms) and then publish it.

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Post by macouno »

Well it's definitely a good idea to show n00bs that blender is not just a tool for enthusiasts pasttimes.

But do realise that being "professional" only means you got paid for a job you did with blender. It says nothing about quality.

Add me to the list if you want. http://www.macouno.com

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Post by slikdigit »

Perhaps you should also survey on elysiun, since many blender users don't come to blender.org forums, and some of them are professionals.
I've used blender professionally only once: to demo a technique for extracting film from a film can (non destructively) to a customer. (I'm an Electrical Engineer working for a photofinishing/imaging industry company)
The animation was simple, but everyone was impressed with the speed of the workflow; It only took me about half an hour to do and was very quick to render.

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