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Maybe not HAVE to pay, but another thing i suggested was that if you contribute a certain amount then u get to propose a feature you would really like, then using the money u donated it pays for coders to do this. According to how much money u donate u have so many votes, then u use those votes to vote on others ideas and the features with the most votes at the end of the week gets worked on by one of the paid coders. I think this would be a good idea as it wouldnt involve charging for blender, but those who want features more than others can use a fiar system to try and get them implemented. Also if a feature is most voted for then Ton or anyone else cant block it. Thats just unfair, its meant to be a community.
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leinad13 wrote: Also if a feature is most voted for then Ton or anyone else cant block it. Thats just unfair, its meant to be a community.
I've been watching this thread for a while and I am in utter astonishment. If you want to direct the development of blender, then why don't you d/l the code? If you aren't a programmer, then hire some to do the work for you. The thing you are going to find is something that has only gotten from experience. I'm not sure by your posts if you have gotten this experience.

I place a huge distinction between a "coder" and a computer scientist. Coders are valuable commodities however something like Blender is taking physics, some fairly complex math and implementing this simulation into a programming language. Find someone to do all three is extremely difficult. This isn't like building a web page. I took several computer graphics courses at university and I was quite proud when I got a sphere showing up with Phong shading. Do you know how long that took me to learn and implement such a simple thing?

Add to this the chaos of open source development and it is amazing 2.32 came out at all. This is a testament to the computer scientists (who happen to be programmers) who are working on this project. You ask to form a money pool and to start directing foundation activities. Why? do you think the current developers (and Ton) are doing a bad job? Why not form your own mercanary foundation if you want that kind of control. Blender's license lets you do this as long as you don't sell your product closed source.

If you do not like what the foundation is doing then pick up and leave. Yes, it is a community but this community seems to all want to all be management. Prove to the community they should follow you. DO something..... ANYTHING. Create some kick butt art and post it. Modify some code and commit it. Do something that shows you deserve to take a more aggresive role in the foundation. The people leading the foundaiton now have... well... built the foundation. Do you think status was just "given" to them?

I can appreciate your frustration as it relates to feature documentation. It's poor right now for the average user (like myself). I put hope in the 2.32 manual. Even assuming the 2.32 manual lives up to the hype, how can anyone complain about "missing features" until they have a mastery of what features are currently implemented. I've been busting butt trying to scrape documentation together to learn the package. I would NEVER suggest to the foundaiton a feature until I can demonstrate a mastery of the toolset already implemented. I have a feeling only a handful of people could qualifiy for that gold status.

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