Help Wanted: Expert Rigging Skills

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Help Wanted: Expert Rigging Skills

Post by Manuel »

The MakeHuman project is nearing another milestone and now needs the help of somebody skilled in rigging. MakeHumans old vertex groups are now gone do to changes in the base mesh. We need somebody who could make a nicely rigged MakeHuman so we can export the vertex groups and armatures settings. Also if somebody could create vertex groups based on muscle layout that would also be greatly appreciated.

For more info:

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Post by Panther »

Anybody up for this challenge ???
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please? s.v.p.?

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Post by theeth »

This was also posted on the elysiun forums and had more positive answers there.

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Post by slikdigit »

Yeah, I answered on elysiun, and downloaded the mesh. Haven't had much time for more than rudimentary rigging this week, but I'll give it a go this weekend.
the actual armature part isn't the problem, its just the skinning/weighting that is time consuming to get 'just right'.

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