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Free Textures

Post by jcoyle »

Absolutely free textures for any use including commercial (read the faq)

The owner posted at flipcode and I am letting all the blender folks know about it with his permission. The textures really are great for those of us without artistic skill, and without the money to buy artistic skill.

p.s. Is there a way to put this new page on a news item on the main page so it can get more coverage?

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Post by nay »

great site :)

there's a submit news link on the left, maybe this would be better on the elysiun forums, for example, on their game engine forum they have a list of free resources for games where this could be added.


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Post by Arathorn »

Hm... my pop-up blocker (MyIE2) sees your site as an add.

But it looks very good!

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Post by gsusfreek »

Hm... my pop-up blocker (MyIE2) sees your site as an add.
:shock: :shock: :shock: WOW! I finally found someone else that uses MYIE2!!!

However, my MYIE2 doesn't see the site as an ad. :?
Oh, well. Pretty nice textures, though. Especially for gaming purposes.

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Post by sten »

hey jcoyle,

as I said and pointed out in another thread here in this forum, this is a place for developing for Blender, not a user forum creating art and such...

and as I also said, it is great to share things with us all, but please do it correct, is the place/community for the users/artists, and there is the place where it should be located.

please think of this next are Very welcome over to to register, please do!

but now i must lock this thread ;)

no harm, just pointing you into the right direction ;)

cheers! :D