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Jellybean, thats an interesting point. I didnt think of that. I can't wait until Harkyman finishes his script! It's awesome, just what I was thinking of when I posted the original thread.
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Well, I've been away a while <eep - so much to catch up on!> but I couldn't resist on the subject of long shots. Basically, I'm bestonked that no-one's mentioned Russian Ark yet! It's a 96 minute film - done in one take.
It was shot using digital cameras and a rack of hot-swappable firewire harddrives for recording. In one day.

I know this is really stretching for being ontopic, but I thought it worth mentioning... Also, I think the Nick Cage film "Snake Eyes" opens with a tracking shot that lasts something like 20 minutes.

Overall, I think Jellybean is right - given the ever increasing uses Blender is being put to, removing the maximum frame limit would (coders willing) be a good idea.
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Post by Usagi »

Three questions:

Jellybean: Why would anyone want 120 fps?

Pablosbrain: What would be the advantage of starting animations at frame -50?

All who complain about the 18000 frame limit: Honestly, will you ever reach it in practice?

BTW, Christina Aguilera's video "A Voice Within" is also one single shot.

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Maybe this is an interesting one...

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