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Post by dmcbrayer8 »

DOOOD..have you ever been working on seomthing and just screw it up horribly by accidentally clicking somewhere??..i do all the time, and all i can think about is how good an undo button would be. Why isn't there one?

Donnie McBrayer

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Post by S68 »

Thre has been a long thread (more than one actually) on this on elysiun.com

It is not as easy as it is to say... might need to wait version 3.0


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Post by calli »

I still have that idea in mind:

- the *,blend format is only a memory dump
- the *,blend format is very compact, so it usually takes only fractions to write it to disk
- a binary diff last saved actual file could cut down the saving time again

So why not write such a diff file after each (?) action the user performs during modelling?

Or "save" it to memory.

I guess it is not as easy as a non-developer sees it.


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Post by S68 »

You know,

I would love a construction hystory stuff, with selective undo... You make a sphere, deform it, make a cylinder, deform it, then you decide last two action on the sphere were wrong, and you undo 2 actions on the sphere action list...
keeping the cylinder.

Every object might have its construction history, maintaining all actions etc. etc.

OK, now let's wait an answer a la Green (i.e. if you want it code it 8) )


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Post by intrr »


I must agree on that an undo function should be quite trivial to implement.
I myself implemented the undo function in Yadex (a DOOM/Heretic/etc. map editor), and all I did was just find every point in the program where map changes were applied, and before they are applied, i just memcpy'd the whole map into a 'backup' buffer. Then, I just added an 'undo' function that copies the backup buffer into the real map.
This could of course also be done in Blender, and several levels of undo are just a matter of several backup buffers, which shouldn't be a problem with today's amounts of available memory. We don't even have to use diffs.
The only _ugly_ part in all this is actually find _all_ points where the user can change the map :)


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Post by Mats78 »

I never very much missed the undo button (<- been using Blender for years), but I still agree it should be added. All annoying little things should be corrected - ok I'm not a programmer and understand very well that "it's easy for me to say" =) Anyways I can't believe it to be such an overwhelming task. There are lots of things to do though, so we can't expect everything to happen overnight. Patience is the key so we won't mess this great opportunity.

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Post by jazzroy »

I agree with S68, a "STACK" (see 3DS MAX) would be surely a more useful and powerful addition than a mere UNDO feature.
I'm not a coder, so I don't know how much it's hard to implement it.

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Post by Dani »

I think it would even optimize memory if the "backup buffers" were per-object-modification-backups than whole-scene backup.
The way I picture it is some sort of table... one object per line, one (?) modification per column, and in each cell the nature of the mod...
this would allow individual backup for each object.

just a concept (no programmer here neither :) )
maybe I'm re-inventing the wheel...


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