question about bug reports

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question about bug reports

Post by NateTG »

where would i post what i am pretty sure is a hardware specific problem?

Basically, when blender is running (minimzed or otherwise), environment effects won't work on my onboard sound. Its an Realtek AC'97 for VIA onboard a Gigabyte mobo. When i go into the Realtek Control Panel, it tells me I need to put audio acceleration up to full, but it is.

Haha. i guess i just posted the bug report on the forums :oops: sry about that... you can ignore the report and answer my first question, then i will put it in the right place. :lol:

Also, has anyone else had problems with tooltips in windows XP when blender is running (minimized or otherwise)? its kinda a hard problem to explain, but very noticable. I have a Radeon 9600 pro, latest catalyst drivers, has been happening as long as i can remember.

thanks, and sorry if this is inappropriate for this forum. if you must flame me, at least direct me to the right place. :wink:


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Post by halibut »

Well i think the tooltips bit would perhaps come under interface? but i'm not too sure.

Anyhow, yes i have had that problem since winXP, where the tooltips (little speech bubbles that appear by the windows system tray - always on top), flicker over blender.

Still i imagine it is hard to fix, and probably the fault of windows.

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