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Posted: Tue Jun 14, 2005 3:04 pm
by Kenden
Hi russose,

Nice results already, keep going!

I'm following the progresses!


Posted: Tue Aug 09, 2005 11:28 am
by russose

I finished to compile Blender on pocketpc and I am now on the “debugging” phase. The two sensible thing are “opengl for pocketpc” and “pocketpc working in Unicode”.
For the first point, I am using Klimt and added dummies function not supported. Some work will have to be done here. But Blender should run…
But for the second point, I am more worried. In fact, Pocketpc only work in Unicode. So I transformed ALL char in wchar_t, changed all string “blabl” with L”blabla”, changed the memory allocation because wchar_t are 2 bytes and not 1 as char (ex: malloc(string) becomes malloc(string*sizeof(wchar_T)), I also changed all str* functions with wcs* functions…
I hope I forgot nothing!

But today, when I run my version of Blender, it crashes when it enter in the intern library Guardedalloc :=(
It is a library for memory management with one sngle file mallocn.c… I also converted this file in Unicode but memory management is very sensitive and I have to say that now, I don’t know how to continue… there is a test file for mallocn.c but it is not working…

My version of mallocn.c has problem. And I don’t know where to find information to correct it… And I will not be able to go further before this guardedalloc library is working perfectly :=(

Does someone have an idea about potential problem of this mallocn.c with a pocketpc in Unicode (character are 2 bytes), if we look this file, a deep management of memory is done… is it the same in Win32 and in wince? I will continue to look around but I don’t know with what to begin…

Thanks for you help :=)

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2005 9:17 am
by russose
Hallo Guys,

Some news...
I compiled and run Blender on my Pocketpc. The results were NOT good at all because of all opengl missing functions in Klimt. So I am working for weeks now to find the best way to solve this isue with my poor knowledge.
I am esaminating two solutions:
1) Bring in Klimt all missing functions... but there are a lot...
2) I am trying to run Mesa ( on my pocketpc... I compiled it and run it... but this FULL opengl implementation is too slow on my pocketpc... but full... but slow...

Today, I am trying to make mesa work with "normal" performance... not so sure that it is the best things... converting mesa in fixed point, maybe using GAPI and not GDI drivers... let see...

Sorry for not having better news... I still work on it, slowly but surely :=)


Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2005 2:58 pm
by gabio
Pocket PC support for Blender would be awesome.
You' the man!

Posted: Wed Oct 05, 2005 9:08 pm
by malCanDo
Nice work Russose,

> 2) I am trying to run Mesa ( on my pocketpc... I compiled it and run it... but this FULL opengl implementation is too slow on my pocketpc... but full... but slow...

That's great to hear that it even works.... but slow!!! :P

Good luck with getting it to work faster, and I look forward to you releasing a demo build!

Here's some info relating to OpenGL ES and using software/hardware, it might be useful.


Re: PocketPC

Posted: Mon Oct 10, 2005 9:14 pm
by Jared A. Cronin
russose wrote:Hello Everybody!!

I use Blender and it is fantastic! I recently bought a PDA (ASUS A620BT) but I can not run the ipaq version.
Is someone also interested with a PDA version :=) ?? Would it be in the future such a version? It must be a big work to import blender on a PDA...

Good luck,

hi yes i think a pda version would be great.

Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2005 10:19 am
by russose
Hallo Guys,

The last news :=)

I made Mesa work with GAPI (direct access to the hardware video) and the application to test Ghost (the monkey) work definitively quicker. I don’t think the performance will be enough to run Blender correctly but it is better as what I previously had!

Yesterday, I tried to run this mesa version on top of Blender. Previously, with Opengl ES, I was able to see on the screen all windows of Blender… Now, Blender goes in the main screen loop without showing any windows any more… I tried the swap the window but no result…I only see the gray screen… frustrating given that Mesa has now all opengl func-tion…the Bmfont test is working properly… ah!!!

But after reading a paper from Ton on the Window system, I read that glVieport is a key command for that… and it is exactly the hard point I meet with Gapi… back buffers are all “Full screen…”. If I understood good…


There is also the PocketHal library ( that I am looking for a long time…it is faster as GAPI… and it seems to manage the screen rotation properly (what will be good for Blender!)… but it is not opensource… but not commercial…

At this point, I plan to use the orginal mesa gdi driver (done by guru! So not buggy as what I does!)… making blender at least show its beatifull windows… and then optimized the drivers with GAPI or PocketHAL

Ok, that was the last news :=) I will go to the conference… If someone interested will also be there, I will be happy to show the few thinks I will have on my pocketpc :=)

See you,

PS: I have an asus A620BT… no Hardware acceleration…

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 2:53 pm
by gamekill
Very NICE Salvatore! ! !

I went through Computer Science college myself, but I actually SUCK at coding. So here's to hoping you achieve something nice on the Blender conversion!

On a side question, you mentioned not having any acceleration on the ASUS PDA... do you think the 2700g graphics chip inside the Axim X50v may enhance performance on the current, slow-as-is, "complete OpenGL" version you mentioned before? I mean you said you managed for it to run on the PDA but slow as hell... maybe the Axim would run better?

Anyway, you working on a Pocket port of Blender are AWESOME NEWS!!!

:D :!: :P :P :wink:

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 4:05 pm
by malCanDo
This may be useful...

Here's a Pocket PC port of another OpenGL intensive app ( Quake 3 )

They may have a few optimisation tips in there, as well as below... ... hp?t=20065


Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 5:13 pm
by russose
Hallo Mal,

Thanks for your links... After having seen this quake III port, I toke the decision to work on a wrapper on top of opengl ES and not continue my work on Mesa. Why? Because the future is Opengl ES and hardware acceleration will only be available on openglES... And it will probably ask me the same energy to make mesa perfectly work with Blender AND CONVERT IT IN FIXED POINT as working on such a wrapper :=)

So in the last week, I read intensively the red book and I know better understand where are the limitations... I am dreaming on gl*fv!

I will give more knews as soon as I have "concret results"., real news...

Thanks again,

And see you soon :=)

Posted: Thu Oct 27, 2005 7:56 pm
by LetterRip
PS 3 uses opengl ES too, so you'd improve the odds of a port to their also.


Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 5:33 pm
by gamekill
LetterRip, don't you mean PSP (PlayStation Portable)?

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2005 6:43 pm
by LetterRip
no I mean the PS3
In a move which went mostly unnoticed because it was brought up in a general discussion about the new IBM/Toshiba/Sony CELL processor, but is a dramatic shift in strategy, Sony disclosed at the GDC that the next generation of PlayStation (the so-called PS3 ) will adopt open, or at least popular, APIs as part of its architecture.

Sony will be using OpenGL ES for the 3D graphics API, NVIDIA s Cg shader language, and the development tools will also incorporate support for the COLLADA format for art asset interchange so that developers can share 3D art among multiple platforms. ... standards/


Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2005 12:44 pm
by russose
Hallo gamekill,

Sorry I just notice I didn't answered your question concerning mesa on your Axim.
Today, hardware acceleration are only available for opengl ES... official implementation. So your hardware will not run Mesa quicker because it is only optimized for Opengl ES . That's whay I understood...
This is the main reason why I decided to work on opengl ES and only a wrapper. I need to follow the standards...
The only way this project works really is that people see Blender running an an accelerated pocketpc (mine will probably be too slow...) and decide to join the party :=)

See you,

Posted: Sat Feb 11, 2006 5:50 pm
by russose
Hallo guys,

After a long time, the first downloads are availlable.

Enjoy and happy blending!