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Input Delay Bug in Radeon Drivers, what can we do?

Posted: Wed Apr 21, 2004 9:00 pm
by bfvietnam
Some of you may be experiencing this problem, it feels like
and eventual delay in the time it takes for blender to recognize
input, interactivity starts to slouch on the newer (< 2 months)
drivers. I noticed the problem with blender just as I got a driver update that supported Battlefield 1942 (a taxing video game that makes heavy demands on video cards). I could go back to the old drivers and
use blender (but not be able to play these challenging and fun games
that even work over a slow modem connection, no way?). But since BF1942 and Blender work well with NVidia cards, it has me thinking I should switch. I have a Radeon 7500 and just purchased a 9600SE,both use the same drivers (I figure Radeons use a scalable architecture, making it very easy for ATI to make a new faster version while NVidia sweats), and both cards have the same problem. If you look in the Blender bug database you will find 18 such reports..
Use: "any Microsoft" "any ATI" "Hardly Useable"

(all are on WinXP, all reports are within the last month, I suspect
the Catalyst version numbers are for the "control panel" not the
actual driver, it could either be ATI or Microsoft DirectX 9 drivers, ???)..

Here is the telephone number of "Feedback"
for ATI, I personally am planning to switch to NVidia
as a result of problems with the new radeon drivers.
For those who are having problems, I would suggest
calling "ATI Customer Support Feedback" and letting
them know how you feel. This has nothing to do with
blender because the problem even exists in older versions
of blender.


PS- The support representative didn't even know what blender
was.. That's how "unknown" we are to them.. I think it would be nice
to just let feedback know you have an ATI card and you use blender,
it may help them determine who their real market is.

Posted: Thu Apr 22, 2004 8:58 am
by z3r0_d
generic reply

the 3.10 drivers or so or later have problems with blender 2.24 or later

2.23 has other issues with ati cards though
(look at the header buttons)

ati doesn't see a problem with this
they have been told in some respect before

I am tempted to call them, and to go to nvidia
(though, I am not looking forward to buying 480 watt power supply [minimum] for their next card [fx 6800u])

I really should be working on this this second. (but alas, I like to sleep)

there are at least 2 other threads here (in the proper place) and I would guess 5 on elysiun.

Posted: Fri Apr 23, 2004 12:00 am
by bfvietnam
z3r0_d wrote:
(look at the header buttons)

ati doesn't see a problem with this
they have been told in some respect before
Well I haven't experienced tha, I guess I could try it out..
The only thing I'm experiencing is that it seems like there is a progressively increasing delay between when a mouse event occurs in the interface and when blender responds to the mouse event.. I can imagine that the problem could be that events are being generated that never are removed from the event (round robin list?) queue, so the event queue would just fill up and every event would delay X many event cycles before being responded to and any unknown events don't get taken off but left on the event queue.. This is what it feels like..

Another example is trying to select image files for an image sequence in sequence editor, it acts like a 386 running blender..

solution: catalys 3.9

Posted: Sun Apr 25, 2004 2:15 am
by hoxolotl
In another thread they said installing 3.9 catalyst drivers helped... so I flung my 4.3 drivers out the door (fresh windows install, just baught an ati 9600, and the blender/ati driver problem occured (cpu load went to 100% when just moving mouse over blender window).

It seems that with the 3.9 Catalyst drivers blender works fine. So I would suggest somebody take a look as to what is different between 3.9 and 4.x :)
Hope this helps.

(my specs: blender 2.32, ati 9600, win 2k all patched up and fresh, 1GB ram, amd 3200).

Posted: Thu Apr 29, 2004 9:34 pm
by Ran13
I had the 3.9 Catalyst drivers installed when Blender announced the re-vamped GUI and the release of 2.3x. I had the GUI slowdown problems with the 3.9 drivers as well.

ton said in another thread ( ... pic&t=3112 ) that ATI had sent them 3 brand spankin' new ATI cards to test with. Hopefully we'll see a fix or at least a workaround in the near future.

I have also read posts saying that the 3.7 Catalyst drivers were the ones that weren't broken (when it comes to blender, anway). But I only had drivers back to 3.9, so I had no way of testing.

Keep your fingers crossed that they fix this soon! It's certainly a show-stopper for me.
(I figure Radeons use a scalable architecture, making it very easy for ATI to make a new faster version while NVidia sweats)
BTW...NVidia started the whole "unified architecture" driver philosophy (i.e. one driver package for all). I can say that Blender runs great on NVidia hardware ...even the lowly FX5200 I have here at work.

I got a 128mb Radeon 9500 Pro at home that runs like a slug in February when running Blender.

Posted: Fri Apr 30, 2004 5:14 pm
by IoN_PuLse
Hell, I remember running Blender on my Geforce1 and going WOW! This is pretty nice! NVidia cards have always run Blender very well.

BTW ATI and NVidia have different driver release schedules, ATI likes to release every month, NVidia every 3-6 months. You'll notice ATI has a lot more "fixed so and so game lock up or crash" in it's changelogs.

Workaround for ATI GUI slowdown

Posted: Mon May 03, 2004 6:46 pm
by Ran13
Go the the ATI site driver downloads section and select the appropriate OS/graphic card. This will (most likely) link you to the d/l for the current Catalyst 4.4 drivers.

At the bottom of that page is a link to "Previous driver versions".

D/L the Catalyst 3.7 driver package. Run the EXE and it will extract the driver install package to:


In this directory will be a directory named (for XP/Win2K users:

This is where the driver install package is located.
DO NOT RUN THE SETUP. You don't need to install the old driver.

Navigate down thru the dir structure to the following dir:

In this dir you'll find a file called:
This is a "packed" version of the ATI OGL driver.

If you have a recent version of WinZip, simply double-click the file and WinZip will open the packed file revealing the full OGL driver: "atioglxx.dll".

Just extract that file (atioglxx.dll) to your Blender install directory.
Usually C:\Program Files\Blender Foundation\Blender\

Launch Blender....
no more slowdown.

Posted: Tue May 04, 2004 5:43 am
by chriskeith
I have a Rage128/W2K. I downloaded driver version from the ATI website. I uncompressed the ATIO2KAA.DL_ file into my Blender directory and renamed it ATIOGLAA.DLL (which I found by doing a search on ATI*.DLL in my WINNT directory), and I'm HAPPY!

Thanks Ran13. If I can't buy you a beer in this life, I'll do it in some future one.

Posted: Thu May 06, 2004 10:34 pm
by Ran13
no prob...

and I prefer tequila ;)
Cuervo, preferably.

Posted: Sat Dec 04, 2004 4:19 pm
by danxner
Ran13, you are amazing. Thank you very much.

Posted: Mon Dec 06, 2004 12:40 am
by bfvietnam
I guess I didn't mention this worked for me, I was amazed I didn't reply
when I used the fix.. I guess I was just to eager to get into blender and
make stuff.. But this is the technique I use..

I think the recent versions of blender don't have this problem anymore..
But if using an older version of blender, this is the trick.