Blender workshop in Birmingham, UK - Sat 1st May 2004

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Blender workshop in Birmingham, UK - Sat 1st May 2004

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Some of you may be interested in this.

There is a workshop taking place on Saturday (1st May 2004) that will be looking at the graphics and video editing in Linux. I will be conducting a workshop on Blender and the GIMP, and there will also be a focus on Kino and Cinelerra for non linear video editing.

It is only £4 in if you are employed and £2 if you are unemployed. It kicks off at 12pm and there are still places. If you are interested, call 0121 634 1620 and book a place.


I think it is going to be quite an interesting workshop.

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A extra period (.) sneaked in your URL. This is the correct one:

I'm not in the UK thought, but this sounds cool.

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Wish I could be there

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:( Wish I could be there but thats such short notice. Good luck see you next time Simon

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Ye i might have trid to drive up there but its too short notice for me too. Besides i would have to got the day off work.
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