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This is my first post on this forum, I have just come accross Blender and looks good.

A question that I have, is it possable to design aircraft for Microsoft Simulator 2004 using Blender, just like using gmax.

Also with Blender can you import dxf files created by a CAD program and then edit this into Blender.

Looking forward to any replies.


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Maybe you want to check on elysiun.com

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Glad you like blender (not that I've had much to do with it :(), but this forum is more of a programmer's forum, for developing blender. If you want to ask about features and how to use them, you might be better off looking at:


Unless you already know blender doesn't do what you want (which I don't know if it does or not), and are looking to have someone program it in. Then you're definitely in the right place on this forum.

Hope this helps,


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Post by engalicorn »

Hey eddison

I too have an interest in Flight Simulator 2004 :!: Honestly I had never thought about putting Blender and FS 2004 together :o But now that I have placed the icons side by side I hear wedding bells :idea:

This is very much a developers question though! Designing 3rd party aircraft for Flight Simulator has become quiet the cottage industry! There is a large user base just waiting to be tapped. And I like tapping user bases. :twisted: I’m sure that many people would love to be able to use the mesh editing techniques that Blender offers to design aircraft.

Though we would need to work on making texturing more streamline.

I’m glad you brought this up eddison. I don't know what you know about FS 2004 aircraft files but I'm sure it would not be that much of a stretch to get Blender to export to a file format that FS 2004 or some 3rd party plane maker could read. Anyone here familiar with python and FS 2004 files :?:

We already can do it to VRML files and Maya and...

Ooo! I’m excited now! :D

Sorry loos to contradict ya but... :roll:

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