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Blender + Games

Post by leinad13 »

Just an :idea:

I no that alot of ppl in the community like the blender game engine, and just to clarify something about this post it isnt about that.

Has anyone come across a program called Gmax, its made by Discreet and is a 3D graphics program specifically for creating models and levels for games. It was bundled with Flight Simulator 2002, it basically works by having the main structures built in when you download it. Then when a game wants to utilize it a plug in is made. The plug in changes theinterface to suit the game, and changes the exports and imports.

Most of you will probably be wondering what this has to do with Blender, well hang on for a minute and ill tell you.

I have noticed a quite sharp increase in interest for modding games (Creating levels and changing various aspects). An example of this is Unreal Tornament 2003 which was bundled with Maya Personal Learning Edition and a plug in that enabled you to use it to make levels and models for the game.

What im proposing would rapidly increase the interest in Blender, and make it more well known. What if when the code has been sorted out and some people actually understand how it works, the approach some game companies (e.g. ID) and ask them for help or co-operate with them and aid them in making a plug in so that game modding could be done in Blender.

I surprised that i havnt read about this on the forums before now, bt its just an idea. I have a rather pessismistic view of life and that is why i dont think it will take off, i think that people that use Blender use it to create art instead of fun.

If support was added for some major games (Doom 3) then Blenders popularity will grow and grow, i think that it would be attractive to game developers because of its price :D and the fact that it is multi-platform.

Ton when you read this of your thoughts on this aspect would be greatly apreaciated. Unfortunatly im not a coder or a good Blenderer, so dont ask me for help in those aspects.
Over to you boffins


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you can...

Post by malkere »

gmax has import functions...
you can easily accomplish this by using a 3ds export from blender. Once the export has been implemented of course. I read somewhere else of someone working on it. or having a full suite of export utils to other apps, lightwave included.

so you can model away in blender, then export to gmax and mod away...

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Post by nay »

that has got to be one of the most innovative ideas for promoting blender I've heard - I like it, the game modding community would have to be some of the most fanatical when it comes to development :P

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Post by ton »


Yep, game companies might be interested in that. I wanted to wait a while with contacting them, until we have a stable open source release out. But i've already been contacted by someone to offer booth space at E3 (biggest tradeshow on games in the world) in may 2003. By that time we should have something to show, I guess. :)


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Post by Pjotr »

I used blender way back. Then i moved to prograaming. And i'm learning it by myself by brouwsing on the internet and make little engines. One day i thought of that the best thing would be if i had my own format. And this is how i got back to blender.
I think that blender need better documentation first. I tried the to write learn how to write exporters but in version 2.23 blender crashed and in 2.25 everything is changed. But i think blender will be very good for using in games. But first you will need to be able to access every data.

PS. i just found the 2.25 documentation is up. THis is the thing i've been waiting for

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Post by nemesis »

I think that would be awesome! Great idea. Personally blender is my favorite CG program, and having it get popular enough for game makers and the like to use would be great (because I want to be there one day, and use blender as much as possible).

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Post by zero1 »

This (adding support for major game model formats) is a great idea. I also think that working on the blender game engine to the point where it could be run as an independent executible, a kind of game kernel, with well developed physics and AI primitive librarys would be great. Imagine creating your blend level on a workstation, then running it on a version of blendergame ported to ps2-linux. These ideas are gathering lot of thought amoungst some people where I work (hopefully turn into a lot of coding). In short, it would be great to have a multiplatform "open source renderware" for rapid game idea prototyping or perhaps even production use. I have believed in Blender since the first time I used it, and I think it could grow into an amazing toolkit for the imagination.

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Post by IoN_PuLse »


Well, I love Blender so much I'd never bother with it. BTW, I'm a mod developer (have been for 2 years or more) and I've tried to use Blender for making images/textures, and even a few models for my Quake II mod (now using a modified Quake II engine) Support for the MD2 file format or others would be great :D

If you guys need any information about Q2/Q3 or other FPS's gimme a shout.

*psst* :D

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Post by Cyberdigitus »

zero1 wrote:In short, it would be great to have a multiplatform "open source renderware" for rapid game idea prototyping or perhaps even production use.
that would indeed be a nice prospect and i think an attainable one as well. It could be like Virtools and Gmax combined plus a super-duper renderer to top it off. you'd be able to use it like you wish, as 3d app, video suite or gamedev platform. GRREAT !

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new rpoject...

Post by dandeloreon1984 »

I am currently working on creating a whole set of tools that are aimed at game developers, like making the modeling software easier to use, and also to work on getting game file formats to work in blender.[/i]

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Post by kAinStein »

Hehehe! Actually someone asked me yesterday about Blender and if it could be used for modding Morrowind. It uses AFAIK the NetImmerse engine and there are only plugins for MAX and Maya. It really would be a popularity boost if there would be more import-/export-scripts. :D

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Post by dandeloreon1984 »

Blender already has some small support for unreal tournament, If you can find the ASC export and import scripts.

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Post by kflich »

actually i remember seeing someone using blender to create models for NeverWinter Nights. there was a site with an exporter and some nice examples.

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Post by dandeloreon1984 »

I found an old ase script... I am updating it to the current version.

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Post by IoN_PuLse »

Way to dig up an old thread...

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