A big thanks to Ton and the Blender Foundation!

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A big thanks to Ton and the Blender Foundation!

Post by elubie »

I've been using Blender for a relatively short while (since 2.28) and I can't stop beeing amazed at the speed that new stuff came rolling in the last few months or so.

Thanks to Ton and the Blender Foundation for the great program! I know this is an amazing amount of work and dedication to keep this project running.

A happy user,

--- Elubie

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Post by Samjh »


Thankyou Ton, the Blender Foundation, and all contributors. 8)

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Post by madcello »

I want to leave here my big Thank You to, to all that make this a living program!!!

Blender as become part of my life for more than a year now, and every day i learn 10 new things (think i already know 10% of Blender :D ).

So, Thank You again!!!!

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Post by Desoto »

Ton my hero!! My heart calls out to thee!!

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Post by theeth »

Desoto wrote:Ton my hero!! My heart calls out to thee!!
For mariage proposals, take a number and wait until an expertly trained BF secretary is free to help you fill in the requiered form.

;) :P

Life is what happens to you when you're busy making other plans.
- John Lennon

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Post by leon »

he said thee not theeth....

but seriously.... i've been in a state of permanent amazement at blender ever since I started using it!

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Post by JoOngle »

Yeah I agree.

And here's my story in it:

For 4 years ago I bought 3dstudio max (full commercial package),
And during that time and for some years, I had a lot of
requests from "kids" that wanted to copy my commercial software,
and a lot of warez-kiddies that often asked for license-keys
and cracks in the 3d forums I frequented.

This resulted with me checking out Blender another round.
Blender where pretty primitive if you look at the commercial
packages then, but then again....who could argue the price?

The reason I looked into Blender, was to learn it so I could
prove to the "3d-wannabee-warez-kiddies" that there was a perfect
starter-alternative that could very well fulfill their learning
needs without having to resort to CRIME to get there, totally
legal and fully functional.

Over the years, I learned Blender pretty well (still learning), and
a big surprise came to me:

- I was starting to use Blender more than my commercial package
that I paid a fortune for.

I wasn't very rich, but I bought my commercial software because
I didn't want to be a criminal either. But still pretty poor
Blender started to become MORE and MORE useful, not to
mention...it's feature list started to look like the
expensive upgrade-packages I had to purchase for my
commercial-package if I wanted to stay updated and competitive
with my artwork....

And the biggest surprise of all - My 3dstudio Max where
collecting dust...and hadn't been used for months.

Now I create free-tutorials & user guides to the scandinavians
and participate in local Blender learning forums to help
out new blenderheads like before, but also using Blender
as a professional tool as well. (Practice what you preach - I guess :o) )

A bonus that probably also contributed for me to switch to
Blender was the fact that Blender hardly ever crashed
in comparison to 3dstudio max that crashed frequently
for me on 3 different machines, especially when things
got big.

So yes....a Big Thanks to Ton and the WHOLE TEAM of
fantastic individuals that sacrifice their time to
create incredible tool for us to create art with.

I wish that I knew the name of every programmer,
I'd thank them by listing them here as well, you
are making life much better for people that can't
afford high-end tools, and giving everyone an EQUAL
chance to develop themselves and to get a chance
as well.


Best wishes,
Tommy Helgevold

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Post by Pablosbrain »

Now thats what I call a testimonial! Good job! And definitely thanks to the Blender Foundation and all those that helped free the sources to make blender what we have today!

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Yeah good job ont he testamonial..

Post by bfvietnam »

I came to use blender myself because Alias/Wavefront made it impossible for me to obtain a package I had learned, by stopping selling license keys for the package.. I then began to see how evil license keys are.. I'm learning Maya now mostly to have something to put on the resume and maybe to salvage some of the knowledge I had from the previous packages. I'm a bit of an old-fart when it comes to being new to 3d.. Anyhow, I started using blender more as a protest against A/W and other 3D software companies that had "sold-out" to sales strategies that were unfavorable to consumers, especially ones who count on the tools being there for them. A/W wanted, I'm sure, to consolidate their technical support so that they wouldn't have to answer questions from older packages.. However I'm the wierd one in that the packages I used nobody liked because to really use them you had to know a lot about Unix, but still its possible to get crushed if you are in the minority. With blender there is no minority that will get crushed in the interest of business.

One feature, among others, that I thought was cool, as I began to use blender more and more, is the concept that blender is not dependent on the file system.. It puts everything into a single file.. And if you need stuff from other files, you can load it in directly or link to it (that was an idea Ton had for making blender into a collaborative 3D environment, and I think why Ton likes Verse). In A/W's products, in big projects I did in school, I found my artist friends were spending a lot of time organizing their directories, managing files, trying to determine which objects were being used, which weren't, deleting files, accidently deleting files and then having to recreate work, tarring stuff to dat tapes (almost nervously, as the software tended to crash a lot). If you work with blender long enough you realize its just a smarter design.

Another feature is that the files are forward and backward compatible (somewhat).. There are things the current blender will not load right, from files made say 6 years ago, but that's a given.. The deal is even so, I can still get an old version of blender to read the file.. And if the differences don't bother me that much, if I can change them, its not a major problem as I can load it into the current blender.. But stuff I saved today, I could load on a version of blender from 6 years ago. That is sooooo cooool man!! So in effect if thigns change, you can always go back to an older version of blender, use the feature you need and relink the object back into your current file.

So in effect blender's userbase doesn't have to split or diverge, you can have your cake and eat it too (link the cake, eat it), and it doesn't hold back blender's development other than to retain the consistency of the file format. But the reason I believe blender is so good is just the smart design and the design's focus. And the man behind all this is Ton.

And note that blender wasn't made to be sold, it was made to be used by the people who made it. So its not so strange that now that its open source that it should inherit that "difference" in product design.

PS- the problem I had with 3DsMax was just getting to do useful things.. Its so buried in technical rhetoric and complexities that to do something useful you just about have to become a tech-head.. I'm a tech-head and I can't even understand it.. Other than it looks like someone who really liked Reverse Polish Notation calculators decide to design a 3D package based on RPN as a basis of design (stacks)..

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