Does buying a book from amazon help?

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Does buying a book from amazon help?

Post by IngieBee »

I just bought another game kit from for my nephew, and I was wondering if the sale helps the foundation, or if those books are already sold?

Or my question might be, how are the items sold at bookstores, etc... impacting the foundation's income?

Just wondering???
Love Ingie

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Post by bfvietnam »

If the books comes from the "blender foundation" they benefit the blender foundation, if they don't, they don't..Even if a store bought a bunch of blender foundation books, you may reason that they already benefitted the blender foundation, but if nobody buys their books, they won't buy anymore.. If you want to be sure to support the foundation, buy the books online from the blender foundation direct. But the book store can buy in bulk and therefore you have a better chance of getting the book when you want it, not when a printing occurs.

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Post by xype »

When you buy Blender-themed books at stores or from amazon the Foundation does benefit from it, just by a much smaller margin than it would if you' buy directly.

It depends on the deal the BF has with the publisher for a specific book, I think the BF gets a small percentage of the money the pubisher makes with the books on a 6 or 10 months basis or so.

And if you buy in a store, like already pointed out, chances the store will reorder another batch of blender books is better, so it's not really money thrown away.

Besides your nephew will grow into a Blender-monkey and spend his money on Blender stuffies later on, anyway! :P

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