what happened to Elysiun?

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what happened to Elysiun?

Post by FS »

first of all what happened to elysiun? second of all you guys change to sites too much. third of all has there been anything interesting lately?

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Re: what happened to Elysiun?

Post by IoN_PuLse »

FS wrote: second of all you guys change to sites too much.
Huh? I've read that sentance over a few times and I don't understand what that means.

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Post by Saluk »

hehe, ok here's the DEAL:

blender.nl - one site, blender hub, nice, forums, everyone there

elysiun.com - blender.nl DIES cause blender DIES. Community moves to elysiun. Things are pretty good.

blender3d.com - when blender is starting to come back, this site is set up as the hub for official blender news, ELYSIUN still used as main community hub. blender3d.com has no forums anyway.

blender.org - Finally, the sources come out and there is a need for a specific location for the blender development community. This is NOT meant to replace elysiun as your main community hub, but to be the place you go to listen in on development news, contribute development ideas, etc.

elysiun is still the main place to go, nothing happened to it (except that it looks a little different now, cause it is getting a major facelift).

And yes, interesting stuff happens all the time. Just the other day, bird was flying over my head when it let loose...

man. stupid bird.

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Post by jeotero »

a facelift is a methaphorical asertion , right ? :)

Sorry about the english :)

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