New admin/responsible for MakeHuman project!

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New admin/responsible for MakeHuman project!

Post by Manuel »

Because I'm very busy, I must renounce to admin the MakeHuman project.
But don't worry, MH is not in danger: in the last months I've contacted
a new, willing (and with free time) coder, Z0Newton. So, on the contrary,
the project should get new life and new surge.


1) From this moment I'm not the MakeHuman responsible, and I'm not the
main coder-maintainer. I lose the MakeHuman copyright, that is transfered
to Z0Newton.

2) Dedalo-3d is not the official MakeHuman development site.
Of course, until Z0Newton organize a new site, it remain the first articles
and tutorial source.
However, the official development site, with forum
and downloads, is

For user or contributors none is changed; the MH project continue...I hope
more quickly...



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Post by levon »

thanks for all your work so far. and good luck with what you do in the future

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Post by Marty_D »

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Post by pinhead_66 »

thank you for everything Manuel


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Post by birras »

thanks to your efforts, our work is so much easier now!

incredible what u did achieve........
best of luck 2 u!!

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Post by ox »

Manuel, your inspirational efforts will be well remembered way into the future! Thank you.

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Post by Panther »

Ciao Manuel ( and team ),

There's not much I can say that hasn't already been said. :(

It's a shame to see you leave the project, but we're thankful for all the hard-work and dedication you have given, and wish you the best of luck for the future !!! :)

Anyway, on a less sadend ( if that's a word ) note...

Welcome to the Blender community Z0Newton, hopefully you'll enjoy your new home here - And don't find us too demanding. :wink:


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