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Animation including Blender Stuff on UK TV all this week!

Posted: Mon Aug 23, 2004 2:35 pm
by christiankrupa
TERRA 2050 Monday 23rd Aug - Thursday 26th, 19.55 GMT Channel 4, every day, just after the news. A series of four, three minute animations, each exploring a different facet of the future, as described by climate scientists, space technologists, green campaigners, general people and little old ladies.

This project was undertaken by shroom, a small production company based in the east end of london, our first directed piece for television, following a history of graphics and sequence production for just about everybody. We started early this year, interviewing and recording as many people as we could, edited it together by late May and animated it all over the last few weeks!

See if you can spot all the blender sequences, the first complete list with no mistakes sent to me ( gets a dvd with lovely extras on it....
when theyre ready that is

Its also gonna be available for repeat viewing on Channel 4's science website, rolled out episode by episode over the week

please enjoy,

Christian Krupa

Posted: Mon Aug 23, 2004 3:57 pm
by sten
I have a question regarding viewing the shows,
and that is if someone has Canal+ as satelitte-tv...

...can one see it then ?

So all this is made with Blender ? Would be interesting to watch !


Posted: Mon Aug 23, 2004 4:05 pm
by christiankrupa
Not sure about international availabiltiy, it would depend if your service provider has access to Channel 4, one the the five UK terrestrial channels, I kno wthat my girlfriends parents cant recieve Ch4 in Spain, yet they get BBC services. Otherwise its gonna be available on the web, there exists the possibility of selling it internationally to TV, film festival etc. Also, if there is enough interest, we may produce a comic/artbook including the dvd as there is so much extra stuff that we coulndnt fit into 12 minutes....

In answer to your second question, no it was produced using a massive variety of animation and other techniques, some 3d sequences and element were produced with blender.

Christian Krupa


Posted: Mon Aug 23, 2004 10:21 pm
by bfvietnam
Maybe someone could put it on something like winamp's nullsoft TV server.. Its probably too much to ask for a blender streaming video server, but I've seen a lot of eurodemo channels in winamp's "media library" section under "Internet TV". To encode NSV, you need NSVenc:

I've use NVCap as a subsitute for Tivo on my computer, so I can capture TV to "nsv" files and play them back..

But you really need a broadband connection to make use of these streams.. When I had a modem this stuff was utterly useless.. So its not for everyone..

The bit-torrent distribution of the blender demoreel worked really well!! I used to download it..

A way to guarantee what you get on a torrent was downloaded from the site without a hitch, you can use MD5 checksums:

Its really only a big deal if you are downloading executables, that could contain viruses. But since bit-torrent downloads files in random chunks from various sources, I don't know how possible it would to insert a virus mid-transmission.. It's possible bit-torrent already encourages bit-torrent clients to do checksums on files as they download files and upload them to other bit-torrent clients..

Here is a simulation of bit-torrent to show how it works:

Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2004 2:17 pm
by theeth
The bit torrent protocol enforces a running checksum on the whole download after completion and on each single pieces. The probability of having a bad download is low enough to be ignored.


Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2004 4:05 pm
by christiankrupa
TERRA 2050 Episode 1 - Environment.

Now available online at

Dont forget the Humans episode is tonight at 19.55 Channel 4, Technology tomorrow and Hopes & Fears on Thursday, each one being available at the same link after the broadcast.


Christian Krupa

Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2004 4:18 pm
by ada89
Cool, i saw it on the tele last night :D

Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2004 4:42 pm
by Koba

I actually the global warming one before knowing any of this. I thought it was nice to have some creative animation on Channel 4....but now it is even more interesting seeing Blender may have been used doing it.


Posted: Tue Aug 24, 2004 8:04 pm
by sten
the URL you posted was slight wrong so I edited as moderator...

your forgot "4" so I added it...I hope you wont mind ;)

kind regards,

Posted: Thu Aug 26, 2004 2:42 pm
by christiankrupa
Thankyou ztonzy, good call on the url.

just wanted to post that the last episode of TERRA 2050 will be aired tonight on Channel 4 at the usual time of 19.55 right after the news, tonight its Hopes & Fears, and the episode will again be available at for repeat viewing.

We are also hoping that channel 4 will rebroadcast the whole thing quite soon as part of a 'climate change' season. If you have any comments, do not hesitate to contact either me, or preferably, Channel 4, so they can hear them for themselves (they pass them all on to us afterward)

Id best go, ive gotta blend a title sequence for a BBC client B4 tomorrow,


Christian Krupa

Posted: Thu Aug 26, 2004 4:43 pm
by Monkeyboi
This is really cool. Always nice to see Blender being used professionally. Wery well executed too.

Were any other 3D softwares used on this production? There seems to be quite a bit of 3D in there...

Posted: Thu Aug 26, 2004 4:54 pm
by christiankrupa
thats the trick in the blender shots list question - one other 3d package was used by an animator external to the company. After Effects was used to animate other bits and assemble all the elements.

Posted: Thu Aug 26, 2004 7:37 pm
by bfvietnam
Very cool animation, just wish I could see it better.. Some people have cable modems now!!! Would be nice to have either Sorenson 3 Quicktime format or Nullsoft NSV. But I guess they control their quality level (probably are not on a OC3 ).. I like the bit about the ocean levels rising such that england goes under water.. Just kidding.. The bit about the old lady putting the robot out on the street was was pretty cool.. Reminded me, the way the voices were overlapped of that piece done by that guy who did Wallace and Grommit, the first bit he did with the talking-zoo animals..

But being-it that I live in the home of the atomic bomb, doesn't make me very sentimental about green-energy sources, there is a lot of uranium laying around, God made it for something other than making fiesta ware and happy yellow paintings. And you really don't want to burn/mine coal nor vegetation, that's how we got into this mess (oil is decomposed animals and vegetation, besides it might stop the war in Iraq and give the terrorists something else to think about, lets see them try to get nuclear waste to make bombs out of the outback..).. I've proposed using reactors to make hydrogen fuel, as hydrogen takes a lot of energy to seperate from H20.. Put the reactors someplace uninhabitable, Australian outback? Greenland? Newark, NJ? Joking.. It makes sense because what increase greenhouse gasses is the release of carbon dioxide. Atomic energy's waste can be reduced to low-level waste by refining spent fuel and reusing, my father worked on that technology (waste water refinement process). It contains no carbon, therefore no carbon dioxide. Hydrogen fuel expends water when it burns (cleaner than gas, and remember that next time you car breaks down and youa re in the desert, agua agua! oh drink from tailpipe.. ).. And we can just send the low-level waste from the reactors into the sun, where it wants to be.. Increasing the life of the sun, maybe a couple of years.. I wonder if rockets can be propelled with hydrogen, naw that only works in earth's atmosphere, maybe it would help, hmmm?? Sure don't want to use nuclear energy for that..

Posted: Thu Aug 26, 2004 8:58 pm
by Monkeyboi
Solar cells and windmills rule.

Posted: Fri Aug 27, 2004 1:46 am
by celeriac
Great stuff!
The soundtrack style & editing reminds me of work by the animator Stuart Hilton.

(but, sad to hear 'captain cyborg' in there -- what a tw*t.)