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Post by tbaldridge »

I wonder, who here actualy has a Athlon 64. I should look into how hard it would be to upgrade my existing system. I suspect that the ratio of coders with AMD64s to those who just use AMD64 is much bigger than we would expect.

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Post by kidb »

Asus L5000D with AMD64. Blender runs on Debian IA32 and Debian pure64 installation. Debian users could test apt-build to build blender from source and use compiler switches for optimization. I did a quick test with apt-build install blender and apt-build yafray. Yafray rendertimes on debian pure64 were about 60% to a Pentium4 2,4Ghz, 1GB Ram on a simple suzanne modell. Sorry, no time to do intensive performancetest.

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Post by konrad_ha »

I just bought an Athlon 64 3000+ about two months ago and ordered parts for my Athlon 64 3400+ yesterday.

I make a living using Blender for 3D-animation, so hardware is mostly an investment for me. That's the reason why I want to look in how far my work on Blender could be improved by leveraging the architecture.

I guess most people who buy a new machine nowadays get a 64.

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