material/texture-settings reuse -> libraries?

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material/texture-settings reuse -> libraries?

Post by Altenburger »

i read the printed blender 2.3 manual and the online version, but found no hint how to organize materials. i guess there is none. the workaround seems to load a model with the desired materials attached, apply the materials to the new scene and then delete the imported (and not needed) model. that's not elegant.

since the material editor is becoming more and more powerful, it would be nice to have an external library-file, that contains all saved material/texture configurations. This could save a lot of time, since tweaking the right settings to get what you want is timeconsumpting...

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Post by joeri »

I'm not sure what you mean with organize.

But,... with shift F1 you can append any datablock out of an other blender file to the current one (material, mesh data, object data, IPO curves, all available data).
You can also link them instead of append them, so if you alter the ref. file the data in the current will be changed to.
So, it's very possible to have a MyNiceMaterials.blend and lib-link materials from this file to your current working file. Even import them (make local) on a later basis if you want to alter them in the current file.

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Post by flippyneck »

Like joeri says, you can append any Blender data type from another file.

My (now very old) materials library is here: ... index.html

Read the 1st tutorial ... rial1.html
for instructions on how to append materials into your scene.

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Post by Altenburger »

@joeri: shift+f1 is the hint i was looking for :-)

what i mean with the term "organize":
most 3D Packages offer a way to store Data (in blender terms: data blocks) in external files which are not project files. Usually you get a set of prefined models, poses, materials etc from the software vendor.

Example: I have Eovia Carrara 2: If you apply materials to a new model, you may start from scratch, but you can also choose a material from the material library which almost meets your demands. Then you simply custumize the material by changing some parameters. Of course, you can add your own materials to the library.

obiously, this is very helpful, if you're new to a software: Selecting the material color is easy, achieving a realistic surface appearance works imho only by trial and error. Great, if you can fall back to elaborated materials.

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Re: material/texture-settings reuse -> libraries?

Post by bfvietnam »

You can append objects and matterials from other blend files.. They act as libraries.. You can also steal scenes from other blend files.. Blender doesn't get rid of materials or objects until you load the objects in the next go round.. This is to determine the true dependencies, anything that isn't owned by the scene is discarded.. This is a kind of lazy garbage collection.. You can also bring in scenes without appending them,
using the blend file as a library.. This was supposed to be the answer to working with groups in collaboration, but it requires people to be on a LAN
with a shared disk drive.. Say you could have ten people working on
seperate blend files and have a gran master scene as a blend file.. Someone could work on the main scene and the others could
inherit the scene in their blend file to check out lighting and stuff..
Kinda like including stuff from a library with a programming language.
There might be a way to borrow from a library to apply textures to an
object without statically defining them in the blend file..

BTW, that's the difference between "Append" and "link" when you
are in the "Append File" directory listing screen... Link just links it in but you can't modify it.. Append loads it in as a new copy..

I just had a really cool idea..

What if you could link in a blend file over the internet? Better yet have blender do it periodically every 10 seconds.. Then you could have a group of people work on a scene all at once.. Then when they are done with their objects, they could place the objects in the main scene.. Kinda like verse but without verse.. Not a realtime solution, but a kind of low-tech equivalent..

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