Yafray tarball binary

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Yafray tarball binary

Post by ayqazi »


Not all of us use distros (i.e. not all of us can use .deb files or .rpm files.) It would be useful if someone could post a precompiled yafray plugin in binary form in a tarball that us 'Linux-from-scratch' people could use.

I'd compile yafray myself, but it needs GCC 3.3.2 or above, while the blender binaries are all done using GCC 2.95 - the two compilers have different C++ ABIs, and are apparently not (according to the yafray site) compatible.

Asfand Yar

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Post by ben_o »

I find that when I am using distro's that don't use the rpm/deb/etc package management, using a utility like alien works like a charm.


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 $ alien -t yafray-0.0.x.rpm
-- creates a tar achive from the rpm.

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