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Crash on launch (OSX)

Posted: Wed Oct 20, 2004 4:04 am
by Lazarus
About a month ago I downloaded blender and tried it out. The app ran without problems but i wan't getting very far and set it aside. I'm ready to get into it now and got some tutorials to start with but now the app won't start. When I double click the icon the main window appears, solid grey, for a few seconds then dissappears and I get an OS message saying as much.

I downloaded the newest blender version 2.34 and the same thing happens. I'm running OSX.3.4 and I did download the version for 10.3+

Also, I noticed that when the grey window is showing for it's time, if I bring the dock up it overlaps a little at the bottom and i can see controls drawn in the window there, but the rest stays gray (if this is any help).

I'm at a total loss as to why it stopped working. what could have changed? There's no preference file I could see to throw away, I never mucked with the app, I've rebooted. Oh yes, there is a crash log, its very lengthy but this looks relevant

Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001)
Codes: KERN_INVALID_ADDRESS (0x0001) at 0xb1e1f280
Thread 0 Crashed:
0 GLRasterARGB8888D32 0x0413405c glrSetFunctions + 0x2847c

Is that GL as in OpenGL? Did that get corrupt? I have other apps that use OpenGL without problems.

I posted the entire log here if its any help
Any suggestions???

Posted: Thu Oct 21, 2004 2:02 am
by Lazarus
Anybody?! I really want to start using Blender. -laz

Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2004 5:09 am
by shadowdragon
Try turning the number of colors or screen resolution down a notch. That should do it.

Posted: Sat Oct 23, 2004 12:53 am
by Lazarus
Thank you Thank you Thank you. It works! Now I have the weekend and caffeine to dig in.

Posted: Sat Oct 23, 2004 2:03 am
by shadowdragon
Yep no problem. I had the same problem while trying to run blender on my sisters ibook.
If you have any other questions, just ask. Though for general modeling/texturing, or anything other then techniqual problems with blender, is the best place to post :)