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Spanish Version or Tutorial

Post by pcboss »

Hi,... Im a Teacher in a Computer Capacitation Center, we are promoting the use of Open Source and Linux; Im new in Blender, and the english skills of my students is very "regular" so understanding of the tutorials and/or manual is a litle difficult for them.

I see a lot of "spanish" names in the list of developers here in Blender and other Open Source projects, but is hard to find spanish forums, tutorials or manuals. Im very interested in bying the printed manual of blender, but it should be helpfull a spanish lenguage version of it.

What about a "Translation Project", Im sure that a lot of people are willing to help, like I do.

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Post by lordloki »

We are translating Manual to Spanish

We have a wiki too where we post the chapters that are translate.

We need yours help!! :)

Un saludo.

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Post by H@dj »

hi pcboss,

welcome to blender!

here`s a basic training file that has a spanish section added
by Gabriel, ("Thank you, Gabriel)

get it here: ...

hope this helps:)


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